Liquid Hold

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What is Liquid Hold?

Rugs and mats always slip and slide across the floor. Cutting rug pads is a pain and expensive and sticky tapes leave marks on your floor. But now there is an incredible and easy way to prevent mats and rugs from slipping and sliding. Here’s introducing Liquid Hold, a grip and stay solution that you spray under your rug or mat to stop it from slipping and sliding.


How does Liquid Hold work?

Simply spray Liquid Hold on the back of any rug or mat and lay it flat to dry. Your rugs and mats will stay put in place and no amount of force will move the rug or mat away from its position.
The secret in the Liquid Hold formula is in its molecular bonding technology that holds fast to the back of any rug or mat, holding it securely in place without damaging your floor.


Safe to use on everything
Liquid Hold is safe to use on all materials. Liquid Hold is perfect for all rugs and mat including bath mats, outdoor rugs, and throw rugs. It is also great for all floors: tile, wood and laminate. Liquid Hold bonds to any backing, sprays on and dries clear so there is never any sticky residue on your rugs and mats and no mess on floors.
Liquid Hold features a durable rubber coating formula that is machine washable and flexible too. Order the Liquid Hold today!


What do I get?
The cost is $10 + $6.99 shipping, but you are required to pay another $5.99 shipping for a second product,

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