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Do you ever come back home in the evenings, when it’s dark and wish the porch light will come on itself to lead the way for you? It can be a pain to look for light witches when you want to go out at night or are coming back from a night out for that matter. And you always want your doorway to be well lit up when you have guests coming over in the evenings. Thankfully you can now resort to Light Angel, a motion sensor outdoor light that can switch itself on when you need it the most.


Light Angel
This light also has a self timer, which is one of the highlights of this product. The light is made up of ultra bright LEDs, which give out adequate amount of light in the dark. As soon as there is any movement around the door, porch or wherever you might have installed it, the light will come on making things easier for you. What’s more, the self timer is activated and the light stays on for 30 seconds at a time, which is a huge advantage. Clearly it’s a smartly created product with your convenience in mind.

It’s a wireless outdoor light that can be installed practically anywhere you want. You can have it in the doorway or the porch, you can have it installed in the garden or the pool area as well. And since there are no wires involved, it’s extremely easy to install and you can get the job done in a matter of minutes. The automatic motion sensor used in this light is cordless too, which make things very practical for use in different weather conditions. Now you don’t have to struggle with lights that are difficult to get working in those bitter winter months or heavy pouring rain.

Light Angel is a smart investment for your home because it can work for up to 100 hours without needing any replacement. Thus you will be saved huge amounts not only on lights but electricity bills as there is light at the right places at the right time.



What do I get?
Get Light Angel for just $19.99 plus $16.98 shipping and handling. Official website


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8 thoughts on “Light Angel Review

  1. If you want this Light Angel, go to HSN, Home Shopping Network. There you can buy 2 for $19.95 plus S&H, and you have 30 days to return for a full refund.
    Deal with a reputable company!

  2. Light Angel is definitely a scam. The buy one get one free plus a Old Brooklyn Lantern is a come on. Don’t be duped as I was. You don’t receive what you order and they say there is a separate charge to get that. Unless you want to keep pouring money down a bottomless hole skip this conpany.

  3. I agree that Light Angel is a scam company. The invoice I received with the products I ordered was more than twice the amount communicated through their prompts within the telephone ordering system. My credit card company mentioned to me, after I filed a complaint, that the light angel reps. Spoke in circles with them. They are very well trained in deceptive tactics and blame the consumer for any and all misconceptions created by their unclear and very misleading automated system. Conclusion: got class action suit?

  4. The is a scam. First of all their website is constantly down. So there no way to look at the offers visibly. So I called the 800 number and it is totally automated. They take your credit card number up front and then your code, then they start by offering you additional products without any explanation as to the handling cost or shipping costs. Each add on gets all the more crazy. What appears to be a second light offer with a lantern, which I turned down. Then they offered a second light but I could not determine what the handling charges were. Then they offered some monthly service for $1.00 for 30 days. It wasn’t clear what the ongoing costs were. They baited you with a $10 off the money you already committed. And you are setting yourself up for an ongoing monthly service charge but no idea how much. But, they give you no idea what the service is. SCAM. There was no way to end the onslaught of offers and to stop the process. I started shouting vulgarities into phone and then they said they would send me to a person. I held for 5 minutes and then the robot said thank you for completing the offer. I had no idea what my charges would be. I quickly had to kill my credit card and get a new number issued to stop the transaction. The process they use does not allow you any recourse as they get your information up front. This is a horrible experience. They should be a called the devils light. WARNING STAY AWAY.

  5. I bought 4 and they are still working perfectly two months later. They hold up in the weather too.

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