Lift N Fix Review

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Is your favorite sofa starting to slouch? Do you have a problem getting up from that couch? Bring your sofa to life with the Lift N Fix! Lift N Fix gives instant support to all sagging chairs, sofas and couches. It is the ultimate support system for sagging upholstery. When old springs start to sag, just slide in the Lift N Fix slats under your sofa seat. The adjustable system interconnects instantly, so that you can fill up any size platform that you need.


Lift N Fix
Lift N Fix works perfectly for sagging chairs. The interlocking channels let you customize the size, so that you can slip it under the cushion for the ultimate support. Sagging springs can not only lead to, but they also can aggravate back pain. Just slip in the Lift N Fix under the cushion for that ultimate support to your back. You can replace broken boards too with Lift N Fix.

You can also place it under your mattress and adjust for any length and width. You can now stop struggling with worn out springs for Lift N Fix, will give a fresh lease of life to your couch and it works on deeper couches too. You won’t be able to believe the difference with Lift N Fix! It is perfect for dorm rooms; you will able to enjoy the bounce once again! It’s great for pull-out couches too. You will receive a bonus couch pouch and furniture movers, which are handy when cleaning under your sofas and couches.



What do I get?

  • Set of 2 Lift N Fix: Total of 12 Panels
  • 4 Furniture Movers – Free Bonus
  • Couch Pouch – Free Bonus

Get 2 Sets of Lift N Fix, 4 Furniture Movers and a free Couch Pouch for just $14.99 + $15.90 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



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