Liberty Lantern

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It’s quite common that in times of heavy showers and storm the power terminals go off and you are stranded without light for hours and sometimes maybe a couple of days. Candles and flashlights are the standard solutions but as per the new Liberty Lantern they are obsolete. Candles are very difficult to handle with its burning wax and flashlights can be good but the problem with them is your one hand is always busy holding it. Liberty Lantern claims to be a new age solution that provides light in any situation without the worry of traditional methods.

Key Features:

Liberty Lantern is supposedly a handy lantern that does not need oil or gas but provides light using high powered 16 ultra bright LED light bulbs. Plus it remains cool to the touch and there is a built in dimmer that helps adjusting the amount of brightness required from Liberty Lantern . The biggest highlight from Liberty Lantern claims is the fact that it doesn’t need batteries. In fact, when the power goes off and there is a need to charge a cellphone, iPad, etc to make urgent calls, Liberty Lantern can charge the device via its USB port.


The LED light bulbs are said to be more powerful when it comes to providing light in the darkest of areas like basement, porch, etc. And since it can be hanged or simply placed down there’s no need to carry Liberty Lantern around the house. It charges from solar panels on it, and can be charged via a USB port of any device, a power connection to main line and a hand crank. Liberty Lantern is said to have an attractive shape which can be used during power cut and also indoor occasions or even outdoors since it is weather resistant.

  • Buy Two Liberty Lantern for just $19.95 plus $19.9 P&H
  • You also get Solar Powered Keychain

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2 thoughts on “Liberty Lantern

  1. My father was dying but got online one night and ordered 10 of these crappy things. I was so bogged down with everything else, I did not have time to mess around with them to see if they even worked. So 3 months later, my father has passed, I am tying up loose ends, the two boxes of liberty lanterns are some of them, I have been trying to charge the stupid things, but to no avail. They simply do not charge or hold a charge. They do not come with a charging cord made for the lantern, you have to use your own. I have tried charging them every way possible with various cords. Turn them on and they light for a couple seconds then die. Truly, these are little plastic pieces of junk. $285 later (what my dad spent on them)…they are just expensive junk. What a shame. Do NOT waste your time with these. Or, if you are still curious, pay shipping and I will send you these little pieces of junk to try. Maybe I’m missing something but I doubt it. Called the company to help me just be able to use them and the man I spoke with could offer me no solutions and would not let me speak with anyone else. I was not asking for a refund, I was simply asking for help with getting the product to charge or even work like it is supposed to. I told him I would be writing reviews about the product online, warning others not to be fooled into wasting their money or time on this product! They don’t care.

  2. Bought this item through 11/19/13 Never seen product and there web site doesn’t permit Shipment Tracking. Being so upset, I lamb basted the wrong person for this and now trying to apologise to them.

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