Knockout 360 Foamer Fire Extinguisher Reviews

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We can’t rule out the possibility of fire breaking out inexplicably anywhere and posing danger when least expected. The only way to be absolutely safe from fire is to have a really good and dependable fire extinguisher like Knockout 360 Fire Extinguisher handy. It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional fire extinguishers you’ve installed at home or in office to be sure of one hundred percent protection.

How does Knockout 360 Foamer Fire Extinguisher Work

Knockout 360 has an edge over other fire extinguishers on account of several features it offers. Knockout 360 uses a special technology which removes heat and it’s cool to the touch instantly. It is wholly safe because it contains no toxic chemicals unlike most others. There is also no odor no harmful residue which can cause serious problem aggravation and even potential risk, especially to children, elders and those who are allergic to pungent sprays and chemicals.

Remember, fire can hit anyone anywhere and anytime. A grease fire can happen in the kitchen while cooking, using water or baking soda may not be the best solution. But Knockout 360 can extinguish grease fire, oil fire, gas fire, wood fire and all common types of fire quickly minus any hassles. There’s no need to put in time to shake the Knockout 360 can before using, so a lot of precious time is saved when there’s a fire as every single second counts.

What’s more, you don’t even have to spend money for annual maintenance on Knockout 360 as it doesn’t require any. You can actually use it up to 12 times unlike others which can only be used once.. It also has a shelf life of 3 years so you’re prepared to brave the fire for long.

Besides, Knockout 360 Fire is also simple as well as quick to be used, which is essential as you need to act fast to control fire. it also does not create any mess after use. It douses fire in a jiffy and protects you for sure. Knockout 360 Fire Extinguisher is the best way to put out fire easily and quickly so switch over to it right away.



What do I get?
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Knockout 360 Foamer Fire Extinguisher Video

5 thoughts on “Knockout 360 Foamer Fire Extinguisher Reviews

  1. I ordered 140 fire extinguishers from them. They delivered 94 in 12 different boxes with a handful of broken ones, but they claim they sent 19 boxes. Nearly two weeks ago they promised to send me the tracking numbers, but didn’t. Finally when I pressed the issue with PayPal they sent me 18 tracking numbers, but not 19.

    There was no documentation sent via email or in the boxes telling how many should have been in each box. Unprofessional shipping and packing (no invoice/manifest) and super slow response time to resolve problems, even though was promised tracking numbers by May 3 at 6pm. Took until today 5/16 to receive what was promised. Also was promised replacement fire extinguishers for the 19th box they agree was not delivered (though no tracking number was ever provided) but that has never arrived, nor have they sent a tracking number for that or the ones that arrived broken.

    Good enough product but buy it from someone else, not the inventor. Matter of fact, buy a different brand.

  2. The point of the entire demonstration was to show people the fire extinguisher does actually work and the guy did not even try. He never attempted to put out a fire with his product. Why not? Does it work as advertised? We still do not know. Why buy it? It’s risky.

  3. I purchased it in November and tested it on a grease fire in my home around Christmas. It worked as advertised. Being only 16 ounces it was a two time use but it saved my Kitchen.

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