Kidems Wheelsox

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What is Kidems Wheelsox?

It is a wheel cover for children’s ride-on toys that protect your expensive Harwood floors and linoleums from scratches and also eliminates screechy noise they cause.

No damage to your floors

Kidems Wheelsox claims it’s an innovative solution that puts an end to the problem most families having little kids face- damage to floors when the little ones zoom around on their ride-on toys. Kidems Wheelsox is a set of special covers that are slipped on the wheels of ride-on toys so that your exquisite and expensive flooring is protected from scuffs or scratches they cause. While it makes you happy to see your child enjoy riding her/ his favorite bike all over the house, it’s understandable to wince on seeing the damage its toy wheels leaves behind, not to mention the noise it creates. Kidems Wheelsox promises it prevents that from happening so that your child gets to play and you suffer from no loss either.

Easy to use

Kidems Wheelsox is nothing but a simple cover that works just like socks when slipped on the wheels. All you need to do is just slip them on the wheels of the toy bike before it rolls. It takes only a few seconds to do it as it’s designed just like wheels. It fits most models of ride-on toys as it is available in multiple sizes for different ride-on toys. When you take your little one outside to play, just slip it off and put it on once you get back home.


Durable and effective

The makers of Kidems Wheelsox state that the covers last long and can stand hours and hours of rides kids take. They guarantee complete and effective protection from scratches as well as the annoying noise that wheels in motion create and disturb the peace.


Saves your expensive flooring

Kidems Wheelsox maintains that it ensures there’s no damage to your expensive Harwood floors and linoleum floor covering from scratches. You can count on Kidems Wheelsox to live with peace of mind even if your child loves being on the ride-on toy really long.


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