Kansas City Railroad Lantern Review

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Lanterns have been a great influence in today’s invention of new age lighting devices. In years where there was no other source of light lanterns served the purpose perfectly and were also used for many other purposes. One being a light to act as different signals on the railroads by the conductors for mainly performing a stopping or giving a go ahead signal to the trains. The Kansas City railroads have a rich history in itself and so does the lantern used during that particular era.


Kansas City Railroad Lantern

Now you can become a part of this rich history when you possess the new Kansas City Railroad Lantern, a vintage collector’s edition lantern that brings the ever shining Kansas City Railroads history back into the new age.
Kansas City Railroads Lantern is not only for display but can literally give enough light whenever required from it.

But unlike its original design that came up with open flame provisions, Kansas City Railroad Lantern comes with a powerful range of LED lights for high performance lighting. Open flames can be harmful and if not taken care of can create fire in the room but any such harm is averted using a set of 9 powerful ultra-bright LED bulbs that have the capacity to light up an entire room and keep providing such high performance for up to 100,000 hours non-stop. The best part of using LED is that it doesn’t need fuel of any type but just 2D batteries to run for the prescribed hours.

Kansas City Railroad Lantern is very cool to touch and can be easily used to bring joyous light even around children. It features a trimmer like knob for controlling the amount of light it throws out. The entire framework of this beautiful lantern is hand crafted just like the old lanterns used to be made in an authentic metal finish. It can provide a touch of class to any room be it dining, study or the bedroom. It even can act as a flashlight in times of urgent needs making it a classic addition to any contemporary house.


What do I get?

  • 2 Kansas City Railroad Lanterns in Red Finish
  • 1 $15 Telebrands As Seen on TV Card

All this for just $12.99 + $16.98 s/h. Official website KansasCityLantern.com



Kansas City Railroad Lantern Video

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