JML Snap Screen Review

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Are you tired of opening and shutting the door again and again for your kids or pets when they want to go out to play or come in? Does your pet end up whining and scratching the door to be let in when for some reason you can’t get the door instantly? If you decide to leave the door open you might have to deal with bugs and mosquitoes flying in all the time and not to mention rain if it’s monsoon time. Also, it is such a hassle when you have to open the door when your hands are full with bags, files or a tray of food or when you are trying to open the umbrella when it’s pouring. But now you do not have to open and shut the door again and again and your kids and pets freely go in and out and play whenever they please without troubling you. And this is possible with Snap Screen, the instant door screen that has magnets along the opening.


JML Snap Screen
You do not need to use your hands and can just walk through the smart JML Snap Screen and the strong magnets fasten automatically behind you as soon as you have walked out. So you do not have to worry about checking the door again and again even if you have a forgetful family member or kids and pets that run in out of the house playfully. The magnets of Snap Screen are powerful to shut behind securely and the screen door helps in keeping bugs, bees, wasps and mosquitoes out but let’s fresh air in the house all the time. Made of sturdy material, Snap Screen doesn’t wear and tear easily so you can use it for a long time.

You do not need professional help to install the screen door that takes just a few minutes to install without any hardware tools, screws or nails to install it. The door also comes off that easily. So when winter approaches you can take it down yourself and store it inside easily. Also now there is no more slamming doors when the kids are too busy to shut it gently while running in and out.



What do I get?
Buy JML Snap Screen for just £9.99. Official website


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16 thoughts on “JML Snap Screen Review

  1. We bought a snap screen 3 years ago. Our garden facing door is fitted to open inwards, so had to fit the snap screen on the outside. It has had a few hicups, its too wide, so I folded over the edge and loosely sowd it narrower in one side. The velcro provided isn’t enough so had to use more of my own. However, we live this product. It has been up constantly for the last 3 and a half years. I love it. It’s great. We can leave the door open, and let the air in with no problem at all. No flies or buzzy things have made it in for all the time we have had it. I would gratefully have another one if we had another door.

  2. Didn’t even bother to fit following it’s removal from the box. Item is too wide and having purchased one last year (Half the price from Aldi ….. still working fine). The quality for the price is poor at best. JML you have scored an amazing ‘own-goal’. Do yourselves a favour and stop selling this item.

  3. I purchased two snap screens at my local household store. When I got home I fitted them according to the instruction to the doors. They hung successfully for 30 minutes or so. When I got to my bedroom both snap screens were hanging down. Unfortunately I do not have the receipt anymore so I cannot return them. I will just throw them out. A waste of good money.

  4. Is this meant to fit all doors from inside or outside? It would appear to me that it is to wide for what we consider to be a normal size door. We would welcome your thoughts on this.

  5. JML Snap Screen is a waste of money. It started peeling away from door frame after 1 day, one of the magnets fell off and was lost, too wide and too short for my door. The tacks supplied just bend, had to use my own tacks to keep in place, don’t think it will last the week!!

  6. A good idea, needs stronger Velcro holding and it’s only effective if you have short doors 200cms long is is not long enough it should be longer so you can cut to size, I still have a 7ft drop on my door so insects can still fly under and get in.

  7. They work really well, well they do while they are up. The glue on the velcro patches are inadequate. They screens fall down after a few hours. The pins supplied are a waste of time on PVCU doors, who wants to put holes in them. The patches don’t stick to the screens for very long either. The extra weight from the magnets increase the gravitational pull over a short period of time, a full length of velcro which is twice as wide would probably work. Surely you do that sort of thing during R&D? All in all a massive fail design wise. Rant over….

  8. The concept is great, but the quality of the Snap Screen is poor. I have 2 large dogs so thought the screen looked like a brilliant idea, however as the dogs have been walking in and out, the casings (holding the magnets) have flown off and as the magnets inside are very slim, they are very hard to find in the garden. The velcro strips holding the screen to the frame aren’t really up to much either. Whilst purchasing this screen, I would suggest you also invest in superglue and some very strong double sided tape. My screen has been up for 36 hours, its now missing some of its magnetic catches, is stapled to the door frame and has 2 rips in it where the screen has come away from the side seams – all in all, its a bit of a disappointment.

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