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Let there be light, as they often say, and it’s one of the basic necessities of our day to day lives. You shouldn’t ever have to be away from a source of light, no matter where you are. And when you bring InstaBulb home, you won’t have to. InstaBulb is the light that you can stick practically anywhere. You can take it to your garage or attic if you want to do some work in there. You can also take it outdoors if you want to spend the evening with your loved ones. It can also be placed in dim lit corners of your house for extra light. InstaBulb will shed light on things wherever you want it to.


InstaBulb Claims

InstaBulb is smartly designed and has amazing features, which are its highlights. For starters, it’s very easy to use InstaBulb. You just stick the base wherever you want to, place the bulb and pull the cord. That’s it; InstaBulb will bring light to dark, under lit corners or on your patios and attics within seconds. InstaBulb is cool to touch, which is why it’s safe for use anywhere in the house. Moreover since there are no messy wires involved, you won’t have to worry about it even when you have young kids running around the house.

Glass bulbs tend to break, which can be a hazard waiting to happen in the house. However InstaBulb is shatter proof, which puts your mind at rest about safety issues it can lead to. These lights also slide out to turn into lanterns for a cool effect. But the greatest highlight of InstaBulb is that it comes with a 10 year guarantee. It says a lot about the quality of InstaBulb, which is a must have product for every home.



What do I get?
You can buy one set of InstaBulb (two bulbs) for $10.00 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.99 at | You can get another set of InstaBulb by paying separate $6.99 shipping and handling fee.

Official Distributor/Manufacturer – Telebrands (


InstaBulb Video


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76 thoughts on “InstaBulb Reviews, Complaints, Does InstaBulb Work & More

  1. I was able to use mine about 4 times before it died. I was looking to replace the bulb inside but came across this site and read how other people were having issues! Glad I only paid $1.50 for 1 bulb at a flea market!

  2. I am as pissed off as quite a few of you are Yes mine was dim as well and not only that it went out in a few weeks only use to go to bathroom at night so its been on for 2 minutes 6 x this month, i get up one night to turn on dead, Well i check it and i have battery acid all over my hands I flipped, So changed to 2nd bulb in box newer batteries better name brand batteries and it was dim as well, And i saw that you can put A/c cord on it so tried it light bright as ever but on my hand was battery acid again lots of it, So do i sue??? unfortunatly i lost receipt So I am still taking to Dollar General and fighting on this . Krypton it says I lost a home to a fire And if this had caused my home to burn with my 2 german shepherds there company would be burned down as well

  3. I’ve never purchased this, but I saw it on someone else’s FB page. Had no idea what it was, how it worked, etc., so I googled it and was directed here. After reading all of these negative posts, complaints, etc., I cannot help but wonder WHY anyone would buy something like this when they can purchase a simple flashlight and get pretty much the same thing (probably better) Both require batteries, so…….lol

    • I have 4 of these and I love them. When the power goes out or in a closet or camping they provide hands free light. Yes I have flash lights as well but I would not be without these . the batteries are regular off the shelf and you can take it out of the holder to carry around if you need it.

    • Worst product ever. WIsh I had read the reviews before purchasing. 1 didn’t work right out of box.
      tried inserting another set of batteries — same result. tried contacting company and no email listed. definitely would not recommend.

  4. I purchased one Instabulb a few years ago and it never worked because the string was stuck and would not be pulled. Last month I decided to try again so I brought two more bulbs in a package from Walmart and when I pulled on the string absolutely nothing happened. They are not only a waste of money it is the worse product I have ever wasted money on. Please don’t buy this crap!

    • Odd I bought 4 from wal mart. Plunked in the batteries and they have all worked like a charm. I assume you got batteries for them right?

  5. I bought these Instabulbs because I needed a temporary solution for a lighting problem with a very fussy six month old. Was looking for an overnight solution till I could get a small wall lamp. It didn’t even last an hour. Changed Batteries and got another hour out of it and then it died again. Waste of money, don’t buy these.

  6. RIP-OFF !! I read the reviews but I bought them anyway. I thought the bad reviews were just people complaining about nothing. Well, I was wrong. I spent $10 on the lights then $5 on batteries. Installed them, turned them on and the light was dim. Not just one of the lights, both of them. They both lasted 15 minutes. I spent $15 for nothing.

  7. I am embarrassed that I bought this really inferior product with all these negative reviews right out there to see…but I did buy them without checking. I bought over 8 2paks and found that fully 30% didn’t work out of the box and the others go through 4 AA batteries after one or two hours of total use with occasional on-off. I NEVER let them burn longer than a few minutes. WOW!! They are really pretty bad and I do not recommend you purchase them.

  8. I’ve been lucky with mine I guess. I have them in 3 closets and while they do run through batteries fast if you leave the light on for extended times I think it’s better than a dark closet.

    One suggestion I would have is get rechargeable batteries and a charger so you can reuse the batteries to save money on batteries.

  9. I don’t understand what is wrong with this product. The light keeps dimming and flickering back on whenever it pleases. And the batteries are wet and fizzling! Are you InstaBulb pitchmen trying to kill us!? What if this thing explodes!!

  10. I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. . . .never saw them on TV. Didn’t work for more than an hour. I took them back and was refunded without questions.. . . .not everyone buys through TV. I trusted the retailer and they did the right thing.

  11. Instabulbs are a piece of crap. I bought 4 of them and only one works. All brand new batteries. The string does not pull. I have tried with it in the base, out of the base and nothing. I would not buy them ever again. I would ship them back but it would cost me too much. The garbage is the best place for them to go.

  12. I ordered three sets of Instabulbs and got them and I was happy for about a week. Two of the six bulbs quit working after only a week or two of occasional use.
    They have small bulbs inside of the larger bulb hull. After you buy the Instabulbs, you may as well spend as much again and order the smaller replacement bulbs. YOU WILL NEED THEM.

  13. They do not provide the charger, you have to purchase it separately witch they don’t mention in the commercial. It requires too many batteries and its not completely worth returning it because you are responsible for the shipping witch they don’t give back!!

  14. Had to return InstaBulb three times for non working and missing parts. Set them up where I needed them and got a total of two hours use out of each one before they went dim. Checked batteries. Nothing wrong with batteries. A real disappointment. Eleven dollars of money down the drain.

  15. Do not ever buy these Istabulbs. They do not light up like they claim in the ad. I ordered just one set and get one free. Just pay shipping cost. When i got the order, there was “2” orders instead of one. So i got 3 sets instead of 2 and had to pay for all. I put one in a dark closet and i hardly even see my hand, let alone anything else. You cannot get reliable customer service. They are all foreign people that talk as fast as a freight train and you can barely understand what they are saying. I have called 4 times already and they all hang up on me, cause they won’t listen. What a scam…

  16. Hi, I placed an order for the Instabulb in Jan. and still have not received them yet. customer service says they sent it out but they never have a tracking number available for me. they gave me a confirmation number that is somebody else’s order #. I can go to four different websites and check on the order and they all say different things. they keep giving me the runaround.

  17. It works but goes thru 4 AAA batteries in NO time.. I was changing them every day and had the Instabulb to light a small hallway area.

  18. So tell me why doesn’t anyone go after telebrands company itself!!! I’ve read many reviews for many different items they sell and well they are all junk, from the old time lantern to this light bulb! I mean come on people you get what you pay for if its inexpensive and on tv its junk!!!!!! I have never bought anything from telebrands and never will.. but shouldn’t we be blaming ourselves for this I mean common sense people were did it go in our country!!!!!!

    • You sound angry…it’s complete endangerment to yourself to get too upset about others experiences in their lives. Give yourself break, we don’t even know where these people are in their life experience, we grow at different levels…you know we live and we learn. I agree to be cautious of what and who you buy things …maybe they figured if it didn’t work for them they could always return. That being said, people like to record their experiences, good or bad, hoping to be helpful and disposing of some frustration. I don’t know you, but I am concerned about you and people.

  19. This InstaBulb is a bunch of crap…I ordered and they offered me 8 pieces and I receive only 4 without batteries and they offered to me the batteries and the worst thing was they charge me 47 dollars and on the commercial they offer 4 by 19.99 they are a liars and when I call customer service they told me I will send you the rest of your order and never received nothing they should be taken off from tv fricking liers.

  20. Where does one find an electrician that charges $190 to install one light bulb? Such is the claim in their TV advertisment. Anybody remember a concept of truth in advertising??

  21. I’m surprised at all the bad reviews for Instabulb. I think they work wonderful especially in small closets. I’m going to buy more sometime in the future. The only thing is that I don’t think they last as long as I would like it (tho I do use it a great amount) and hopefully could buy just the little bulb. I would say just try it because you never know and if don’t like it take it back.

  22. I did not order $54 worth of Insta bulbs a month ago and tried to cancel but they said they did not have my order. Now I received an email saying that they are sending Instabulbs to me for this amount.

    I will not pay for this order because it was not ordered. I only wanted bulbs for $10.99 but that never occurred. Do not order from this Telebrands company. They are frauds.


  23. Since I live in a Hurricane area, (on the Mississippi Gulf Coast), I thought these would be a good item to use during any power outages. I bought six of them. None of them worked. You could not even pull the cord to turn them on. I called Instabulb and they wanted to send me six more. I told them no and sent them back for my refund. I want to see if that works out.

  24. I bought a pack of Instabulbs at Bed, Bath and Beyond for an indoor porch light for my mudroom/entryway, because there are no power outlets in it. Right out of the box one of the two would not work, the other did and I stuck it up. Don’t be fooled by the light-bulb on the picture, it looks like it’s replaceable but it’s not a real light-bulb. You pop that plastic “bulb” off and there is a tiny little (smaller than a dime) light that is the actual “bulb”. Not replaceable. It does provide some light in my mudroom, which is more than I had before, but in the long run it certainly isn’t the answer to lighting that area. Still looking for an alternative, if anyone has a better idea?



  25. These Instabulbs are nothing but crap. The bulbs burn out after just a few hours of use and there are no replacements anywhere. I have not had one light work long enough to use up the batteries before the bulb burns out. Just junk.

  26. I ordered the Instabulb from one of those mail order magazines like Dr Leonard or Carol Wrights Gifts; you get two InstaBulb when you order. I’ve been using one for my coat closet for about 3 months, no complaints, everything works as it should. The other was just sitting in the box until today I found a use for it in the basement. I installed it, put in the 4AA batteries and Lo-and-behold the light bulb in going dim, like it’s burning out.

    I took it apart to see if I could replace the bulb and inside the “light bulb” is this tiny little minuscule bulb, that I’ve never seen before. I tried to replace it with a night light bulb, but it was is too large, the base, the bulb everything. That bulb is the size of a dime but rounded instead of flat. So I went on line to to see if I could contact them. The Instabulb is made in China. (what a surprise!) So when the light bulb burns out…you might as well throw it away.

  27. My question: What state or federal agency is responsible for protecting the consumer against shoddy and deceptive practices of these retailers who sell on TV. If there is one are they asleep at the wheel. I have read the reviews, which I do on TV products, and it is downright scary that this product (InstaBulb) is allowed to be marketed.

  28. Pathetic people…don’t you know that all that you buy from TV is crap. I am not mad at the companies that run such scams but gullible people who fall for this. That is the reason why these companies are in business. You deserve it.

    • Wow. Aren’t you a delight? Seems like you were either having a bad day, or are among the many people these days that feel like it’s “ok” to be rude, thoughtless, etc. Berating people for purchasing a very well marketed product that doesn’t work makes YOU look bad, my friend; not the “gullible people” who bought this product.

      • KATIE,






        THAT’S WHAT “I” DO.


  29. InstaBulb Complaints

    I needed just a little light in an area, nothing major or very bright. For the cost thought these Instabulbs might fit the bill. Picked them up at the local store (2-pk for $10.99).

    First of all, had to wait to try them because NO WHERE on the outside of the package does it say that each bulb requires 4 AA batteries. I had to wait until I went back out because we didn’t have any on hand.

    Second, brand-new batteries, two adults and yet no luck. Neither bulb even flickered to life. They were both duds.

    I’m not even messing with more. Going to take them back to the store and get my money back then I’m going to the $$ store and buy those cheapie push lights that cost $1. For what I need those will work at least…

  30. I have been wanting to get this InstaBulb for a long time. I went on line, filled out all the information and clicked on review. I was allowed to look at what I had ordered and the prices, however, there is no way or place on their website to change your order. The site ends right there, leaving no recourse for the customer. When, I called to cancel the order they said, “call back in 72 to 48 hours, well now that I have read the InstaBulb reviews I think, we’ll cancel the product through our card.

  31. I have been wanting to get this product for a long time. I went online, filled out all the information and clicked on review. I was allowed to look at what I had ordered and the prices, however, there is no way or place on their website to change your order. The site ends right there, leaving no recourse for the customer.

  32. There’s a special place in hell for this company, My mother order this “Instabulb”over the phone when she tried to cancel they hung up on her. She tried calling again but they acted like they couldn’t cancel it. Now she has to cancel her card.

    • Get a life, sweetie. You’re obviously a very sad (probably clinically depressed individual [perhaps you should heed the old magazine ads that said “Prozak can help”]). People like you that go around insulting people for no reason are obviously mean, nasty, unhappy and unbalanced. Get a life, cupcake.

      • Yes because using depression to insult a person is an okay thing to do. I’m actually depressed, and that is not depression up there. The marketing industry is dishonest and it sickens me–but they should be the ones who provide us with real products that actually work. It shouldn’t be up to us to guess what works and what doesn’t.

  33. InstaBulb suck! I needed a light for my little closet. I bought four of these thinking I was getting a great deal. They are easy to install but essentially what you have is a tiny little night light with a plastic cover. My daughters Disney Princess night light produces more light. Runs by batteries if you don’t get the adapter for $8.99 + $4.95 shipping. I felt like a complete fool. The only pro is if the lights go out they may be of some use.

  34. This is exactly what I was looking for! I just saw the commercial on tv for these Instabulb and being the skeptic I am wanted to find out what others had to say. Something in me was really questioning the battery life most of all. I am so glad I found this and wont even waste my time on these when they come out in stores.

  35. Cheapest, shoddiest piece of shit I ever fell for. May as well have shredded the $20 bucks. First one lasted about 2/3 weeks. The replacement for it wouldn’t work directly out of the wrapper.

  36. I’ve got to admit, InstaBulb did sound like a pretty astounding prospect to me. A bulb that needs to complex setting up, no chance of electrical shorts and made from shatterproof materials, InstaBulb sounded like everything I needed for my clumsy fingers. However, a trip to Google to get good, trustworthy InstaBulb reviews quickly changed my enthusiasm in nightmare!

    First, although typing in “InstaBulb reviews” on the search bar took me to a plethora of websites, most of these websites were extremely ambiguous and unclear about the exact product benefits. These websites have hundreds of reviews from phony “satisfied” customers, who all sound the same. I wanted to know important stuff like power consumption; user ratings, decent reviews and installation procedures, but I got nothing from these sites!

    I came across this website. The reviews are a pleasure to read, and they address real issues and provide great assistance to a buyer like me. Thanks to this website now, I can make an informed decision about InstaBulb. I won’t be buying it.

    • Most of these websites use SEO-specific techniques to ensure that their product gets maximum online attention and web-traffic. These websites are not concerned about the buyers at all; they are just after the money. Without credible information, buyers only go by page ranking and are unfortunately, not capable of differentiating between fake and correct reviews. Most scams exploit this drawback.

  37. I wanted to see what the total order came to before I completed the order to see if I wanted to get that many items. I wasn’t allowed to review the order and total amount due. It came up as completed, so I couldn’t go back and remove anything.

  38. Review InstaBulb

    Did InstaBulb live up to your expectations?

    Does InstaBulb install easily and within no time?

    Is InstaBulb safe to use?

    Does it work well for long durations?

    Do you think it is worth its price?

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