InstaBrite REVIEW

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InstaBrite Review

Amy Clarke says in her InstaBrite review – “I bought four InstaBrite units but none of them work half the time. One of the units died a week later and does not switch on. The units randomly work for only a few hours and only one of the four works like it is meant to.”

Another user Alexa Snow says in her review“The InstaBrite worked fine the first day but did nothing the next two nights. One of the units worked well but the second solar light flickered once and stopped working. It didn’t switch on even after pressing the On/Off button.”

Nicolas Sweeney complains in his review“he InstaBrite cannot be turned off. So sundown time and the light turns on at about 1/2 brightness to unnecessarily illuminate an area and wasting the battery. It would have been better if the light actually stayed Off till it detected motion.”

One reviewer Derek mentions in his InstaBrite review”I put the InstaBrite light inside the house but the unit needs direct sunlight to charge. I placed it outside and charged it for a day but it did not work for one night. The sensor malfunctioned at times.”

Another user Lara Smith says in her InstaBrite review“I needed the light for an area outside the back door to let the dogs out early in the mornings and late at night. But though I placed it in full sun for more than a month it does not hold the charge for more than 4 hours. When it works, it lights up a large area.”

According to another reviewer Frank Tillman – “InstaBrite was great for seven months but then the motion sensor stopped registering anything. The light is installed outdoors but does not receive direct rain.”

Brianna Lopez says in her review“The InstaBrite unit needs a sensitivity adjuster. There’s a distance of 31’ between the curb and where we have installed the light. But, the light is so sensitive that it glows every time a car passes in either direction. The battery drains by 8 PM. I accept that the light is bright and nice.”

Another InstaBrite customer Marcus Foley states in his review“The InstaBrite light needs a really sunny day to provide it enough charge to last until 10 pm.”

One user Selena Case rues that – “There is no Off mode till motion is detected and the light keeps glowing dimly through the night.”

Shawn Maddox complains in his review“The Instability light did not provide illumination like I expected. It isn’t very bright and only lasts for less than five hours. I wanted to use it on the camper door and bought it for the motion sensor feature. But I now use it as a night light for the kids. The battery dies before I go to bed after it charges all day in full sun.”

InstaBrite Questions and Answers

Q. What type of battery does the InstaBrite unit use?
A. Not sure….but could be 3.7 volt (1600-1700mAh). Third generation photovoltaic cells are solar cells that can surpass the Shockley-Queisser limit of 31-41% power efficiency for single band gap solar cells.

Q. How does one make the InstaBrite light work continually?
A. The InstaBrite light is constructed to dim automatically and not stay on continuously. It conserves battery by doing this.

Q. Can one undo the dusk function and just illuminate the light brightly at night in case of motion?
A. There are no custom settings on the InstaBrite light. The light switches on at dusk and goes off when the sun rises.

Q. Can one use black light bulb with the InstaBrite light?
A. The sealed InstaBrite light uses LED technology, and not replaceable light bulbs. A UV filter that goes over existing LEDs may give you the desired effect. Such UV LED products are available on the market.

Q. Is InstaBrite light effective in winter?
A. If the solar panel does not receive ample sunlight the lights may not work. They work fine in south Texas that doesn’t experience severe cold or snow. During the several weeks of overcast sky, the lights failed to work until there was sun.

Q. What is the approximate size of the light?
A. The light is approximately 3” x 4”.

Q. The 4 LED version of the light says that its charge lasts for 12 hours. How long does the charge for the new 8 LED version last?
A. My InstaBrite light works well through the night from dusk till dawn.

Q. What is the color temperature of the InstaBrite lights?
A. The color of the light is bright white. LED lights are generally cool to the touch but one hasn’t touched this unit to know for sure.

Q. What’s the solar panel’s approximate lifespan?
A. Most solar panels, in all likelihood including the one on this light, on an average last for 20-25 years and produce about 80% of the expected output.

Q. For how many hours does the light function after recharging in direct sunlight?
A. InstaBrite light works for approximately 7 hours.

Q. Does the light turn off automatically?
A. The lights dim from dusk to through the night they have received ample sunlight during the day. They brighten up on motion detection and switch off completely when there’s overcast all day. However, they do light up brightly when motion is detected.

Q. Does InstaBrite light have an On/Off switch to allow it go on when required?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Does one need direct sunlight to charge the InstaBrite light?
A. Yes

Q. What are the InstaBrite light’s dimensions?
A. The InstaBrite light is installed on a post already so I can’t tell the exact measurements but it’s approximately 5” x 5” and it is extremely bright.

Q. I have attached the InstaBrite lights out in sun for four days and but they won’t light up at night. There are no instructions either.
A. First you need to switch the InstaBrite light on by inserting the little pin included with the light in the hole and press lightly till the light clicks. Leave the solar panel facing the direction that gets the most sunlight. After an entire day or two under direct sunlight the light should start working.


What do I get?
You get 2 InstaBrite Lights for $39.95 + $9.95 P&H at

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