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Stop fumbling with curtains or depending upon sliding doors that aren’t really perfect at shielding your home. Fix Insta Barrier in doorways instead and get rid of all the unwanted stuff and inconvenience. Insta Barrier is the smart screen that resembles a curtain, which opens with just a touch and automatically closes once you pass through. It is the most hassle-free and efficient screen that functions like a great impenetrable barricade.

How does Insta Barrier Work

Insta Barrier keeps bugs and insects out as it simply doesn’t offers no gap to them to creep in while allowing fresh air from outside to flow in freely from outside. What makes Insta Barrier really amazing is its ability to open up hands free and close automatically! You don’t have to push or shove it away, running the risk of dropping things in hands. You can pass through it easily without having to do anything and be sure that it will close behind you.

You don’t have to use nails, screws or tools to put up Insta Barrier. It can be mounted easily and doesn’t damage the door frames too. You just need to separate the velcro patches from each other, attach one patch to the curtain and the other to the wall. That’s all you have to do so that it stays firmly attached no matter how many people or pets pass through.

Insta Barrier is powered by 18 magnets which get in action and make it open and shut as per your movements. Once the magnets are separated, they snap the curtains shut, making it a wonderful way to cover your doors. Insta Barrier works great even with single doors. They are a must have for sliding doors too, and are equally adept at securing French doors too.

Even your pets won’t feel annoyed and stop scratching things around as Insta Barrier will let them move in and out easily. What’s more, Insta Barrier also keeps your home cool and naturally ventilated as it allows fresh air in while keeping unwanted elements like bugs and pests out. So don’t wait. Order your own Insta Barrier right away!



What do I get?

  • 1 Insta Barrier
  • All this for £29.99 official website


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    3 thoughts on “Insta Barrier

    1. Before purchasing the Insta Barrier I need to know how to adjust the height. I do not have space above the door way, so any adjustment will have to be at the bottom I;e trimming. Am surprised info. on this is not given in your sales pitch.

      Best regards
      Robin Doirling

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