Infinity Lights

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What is Infinity Lights – Infinity Lights is a fun and creative way to display lights with unique and artistic lamp shades that can be assembled in many various designs.

Enhanced lighting

Infinity Lights promises to make lighting in your home or outdoors so authentic that it shall make a long lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on it. Lighting the house has been very important not just to ensure visibility but to enhance the way the house looks. Lamps, decorative lights, colorful lanterns all have been used but as claimed by Infinity Lights nothing can be as gorgeous and creative like it. The idea behind Infinity Lights as the name suggests is to make different lamp shade designs that can be changed by self-assembly to have a new look every time you want.

Infinity Lights is supposed to be flexible and perfect for any place be it the children’s bedroom, the patio, dorm room, study room, etc. Plus Infinity Lights can apparently be placed on a lamp directly or can be hung with a cord to bring beautiful aura and excitement to the environment. So any occasion like a birthday, get together, a wedding, etc can be lit with the amazing display of colorful Infinity Lights.

Endless possible designs

Infinity Lights is said to be self-assembly kit that includes 30 pieces that can be used to make around 15 different shapes but more shapes can be created by joining 2 or more kits. The best thing about Infinity Lights is the ease of assembly that is claimed and takes less than 5 minutes to form a shape even by kids by following the easy to assemble instructions. Infinity Lights comes in different colors and different sizes to bring variety to the environment and can be combined to make much more attractive lamp shades. The most important promise of Infinity Lights is that it is heat and weather resistant thanks to its durable polypropylene material.


What do I get?
Select from Small 10″, Medium 13″ OR Large 17″ Infinity Lights. Price: $19.95 + 6.95 S&H = $26.90. Official website


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