iHeater Infrared Quartz Heate Review

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The iHeater takes heating technology to a new level with its unique Infra red heating element that uses less energy to produce more heat and is better for the environment. And since you are using less energy you are lowering your heating bills saving you money. Stay cozy in winter and save money. Don’t waste your money on heating bills. Keep warm with the iHeater – the revolutionary infra red home heater that heats more efficiently and costs less than any comparable heater.


How does iHeater work?
The iHeater design is compact, stylish, portable and attractive it fits the decor of any home. It is safe for pets and children and is whisper quiet to use. Unlike other heaters iHeater heats the room evenly from the floor to the ceiling. No matter how much heat it generates iHeater is always safe to touch. iHeater’s infrared technology is extremely efficient it can heat 1000 sq ft area for pennies a day. People are saving up to 50% on their heating bills.

Electricity ignites the powerful yet safe infrared PTC heating element. The powerful PTC heating element gently warms the patented cured copper heating chamber without combustion. Heat from the cured copper heating chamber rides the humidity in the room providing moist, soft heat without reducing oxygen or humidity.

iHeater Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does the iHeater consume?
At its peak the iHeater consumes 13 amps of electricity but once the desired temperature is achieved, it takes up about 10 amps. That’s why iHeater helps conserve energy and costs. It can be plugged into a regular 120v grounded outlet.

Is iHeater safe for use?
It definitely is because the heat stays within the unit and it’s cool to touch at all times. Hence it’s safe if you have kids or pets at home. The iHeater uses infrared and electromagnetic energy; hence there’s no fear of fumes or Carbon Monoxide.

Is it available in different finishes?
iHeater 1000 is available in black, while you can get iHeater 1500 in either wood grain or black.

How does the heating element function?
Unique blend of ceramic stones that are surrounded by a special polymer forms the crux of the ComfortCore PTC Infrared Heating System. It enables absorption of electromagnetic energy, which gets converted into Infrared heat. The resultant Infrared waves pass through treated, super conductive copper chamber before they disperse into your surroundings.

How much money does the iHeater save?
Several factors like your present heating system, thermostat settings and electricity costs determine that but it’s been known that the iHeater has helped users cut down their electricity bills by half.

What does iHeater warranty include?
There’s the standard one year limited warranty, and two-year extended warranty can be bought. The heating element comes with a Lifetime Warranty. If owners have any issues within the first year of purchase, it can be shipped back at their own cost. The heating element can be replaced and heater returned. New heating element is sent to owners after the first year for no additional costs.

What about repairs?
If there are any problems within a year, iHeater can be shipped and parts can be replaced if necessary.



What do I get?

  • iHeater black unit with 1000 square foot coverage
  • One year factory warranty
  • Risk free 30 day satisfaction guarantee



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


iHeater Video


6 thoughts on “iHeater Infrared Quartz Heate Review

  1. Bought iHeater and the first one stopped working. The place we bought it from replaced it free of charge. Second one works greats warms room good. Found out that electric bill was higher than running the base board heater. It would run all day and night if I did not shut it off or turn it on low.

  2. I purchased one IHeater and had to send it back. It ran for two days and did NOT heated my room sufficiently.
    The company sent me a replacement IHeater and now the fan on it does not run.
    I can’t believe I have received two IHeaters that are defective.
    Because I received two IHeaters and neither one worked properly, I thought I was doing something wrong. Customer Service has gone over the set-up instructions with me and can’t figure out what’s wrong.
    My neighbor first purchased two IHeaters in January 2010 and her house is nice and toasty.

  3. has anyone tried iheater…does this stuff really work? “saves 80% on heating bills” is it true? let me know your feedback

    • The iHeaters are a scam. They cost a lot of money and I have had to send mine back 3 times since last FEB. This will be my 4th. My light bill last month was 475 bucks. I do not recommend anyone buying these. I am trying to get a hold of them to send it back again. The on/off switch just fell off, the first three times, it kept cutting itself off. It is unbelievable. And when you ship it back, you have to send all parts in the box it came in and they didn’t send my remote back the last time plus it costs 39 bucks to ship it UPS. At the post office, to ship it is over 100 bucks. I am only sending it back this time because my warranty is almost up. I will tell the world what a piece of junk these heaters are. I hope this helps.

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