Heat Surge Mini GLO

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What is Heat Surge Mini GLO:

It is world’s smallest heat surge fireplace that claims to be highly efficient for your heating needs.
Heat Surge Mini GLO is meant to be breathtakingly small and a handsome addition to your interiors. At the same time it takes care of your heating needs quite efficiently, according to its claims. Heat Surge Mini GLO is inspected and approved by Edison Testing labs, known as a benchmark in safety. What’s more, it brings heat to a room instantly while having the potential of being the showpiece of your interiors since it’s available in five high quality finishes.

Heat Surge Mini GLO is safe to touch

Heat Surge Mini GLO makes the most out of Fireless Flame technology, which ensures that you get a peaceful flicker of real fire. Yet there are no flames to contend with, making it safe to touch. Heat Surge Mini GLO also uses patent pending Cool Touch Heat Vent technology, which means it doesn’t get too hot to touch. Only your room is supposed to get heated up while there are no fumes, smell or ashes either.


Heat Surge Mini GLO can help you cut down your electricity bills

Heat Surge Mini GLO is boosted by the micro furnace and heat exchanger, which means your room is heated from floor to the ceiling. It claims to offer you such results even when your home thermostat is turned down. You know how expensive it can be to heat your homes through regular means. Heat Surge Mini GLO helps you manage home heating efficiently and thus you can save huge amounts spent on energy bills. Its standard settings are said to use only 14 cents per hour.

Heat Surge Mini GLO can be a smart addition to your interiors

Heat Surge Mini GLO is not only compact, it is also sleek looking and known for its stunning design. Hence it can be the showpiece of any room in your home.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Heat Surge Mini GLO for $74.50
  • Official website: .heatsurgemini.com
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