Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Reviews and Complaints

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If you want to gift your family the gift of warmth, the Miracle Heater Giveaway is for you! You will never be cold again with Heat Surge! Families across America are slashing their heating bills with the exciting Amish custom built Heat Surge fireplace, in real wood mantle, proudly made by Amish craftsmen, in the heartland of America. Seniors with fixed savings and young couples just starting out have benefited hugely by Heat Surge and its Fireless Flame Technology.


Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

The fireplace emits hot infrared heat and an on-board powerful hi-tech heat turbine silently forces hot air into the room, so that you can almost instantly get the effects of its bone soothing heat. It has an adjustable thermostat which helps in saving energy, for you can now customize your comfort and not use it when you aren’t at home.

The Heat Surge uses about as much energy to run as do some coffee makers. Gas money is saved because you can not only turn down the thermostat but also heat just the rooms you use the most. This Zonal Heating concept is not only wallet friendly but also environment friendly. The Heat Surge fireplace is safe to touch as the heat is infra red and it uses no chimneys, no vents and emits no fumes, smoke or smell and there’re no ashes or mess to clean up! There is no fussy installation process and is extremely portable; so it’s really convenient to move your fireplace from room to room without any effort.

Available in Cherry, Light Oak, Black and Dark Oak.

Heat Surge Fireplace Reviews and Complaints

Heat Surge Fireplace doesn’t produce enough heat
And that’s the biggest drawback of the product that is meant to heat up a place. But unless you are standing very close to it; say, about a foot away, you won’t feel any heat coming out of it. It doesn’t even heat up a small trailer and is certainly not useful as a heat resource alternative.

It’s not worth the money
The product is quite expensive and since it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, it’s a waste of your money. You won’t save any amounts on energy bills either.

Heat distribution is practically non-existent
And that’s the key to the functionality of such products. But when you use this product you realize that any heat created is blown right up the ceiling. That’s a complete waste and you are better off buying cheaper portable heaters.

The product is tacky
You are told that the mantle of this product is made out of solid oak but that’s a plain lie because it’s actually oak plywood. Heat Surge Fireplace might look nice but at the end of the day it’s a tacky product.

The Heat Surge Fireplace customer service is shambolic
You are made to wait for hours before you can get your voice heard. The customer service you get is appalling and you only have 30 days to return the product, which includes the time it spends in warehouses and holidays etc. What’s worse is you are also charged a hefty amount for returns.

Flickering flames you see are only an optical illusion
And it’s created by acetate film that keeps scrolling in front of the chandelier bulbs. It often happens that the flame stops moving because the belt that is supposed to drive it can develop a flat spot; even the make believe look is faulty.



What do I get?

  • 1 Heat Surge Roll-N-Glow Electric Fireplace
  • 1 Free Remote
  • 1 Free Miracle Heat Insert Unit
  • 1 Precision Hand-Crated Amish Mantle

Buy Heat Surge Electric Fireplace/Heater from the official website for just $174.00 + $49.00 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website www.heatsurge.com



Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Video


7 thoughts on “Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Reviews and Complaints

  1. It is really exasperating looking for some genuine reviews that can help decides whether to purchase a product online or not. I was looking for “Heat Surge Fireplace reviews” online since it seemed like a good way to save some bucks on heater during winter. The search engine quickly churned up a whole list of reviews which I started checking from top to bottom. To my horror all the review sites I clicked on seemed like some kind of a promotional trap. I could tell this since it had glaring reviews and links at multiple places on the website that took me on the manufacturer’s website. I simply thought no honest review site would try to sell the product like this and thus deduced that the sites were some kind of a scam. The worst part was it had pop ups that wouldn’t allow me to even exit the site easily.

    • Search engines are not intelligent and always display results based on various criteria and cannot judge whether a review is real or fake. Manufacturer’s setup review sites that fulfill these criteria and hence are listed on the top without detection to fool lot of people to purchase their products.

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