Handy Heater REVIEW

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What is Handy Heater? As per the TV infomercial it is a compact personal heater that generates heat by simply plugging it into any outlet. Handy Heater asserts to be compact enough to carry around the house and even in a bag during travels. Such claims will be verified once users review Handy Heater.

Handy Heater Review

Jenny Browne who used Handy Heater says in her review“It doesn’t really work the way it was meant to be. If Handy Heater wasn’t stated as a good choice to use in the bathroom I wouldn’t have opted for it. Although it was found that the heating results were not sufficient enough.”

Malcolm Anderson bought Handy Heater and is not happy with it, he complains in his review“It looked impressive on paper but doesn’t really work well. I bought the Handy Heater for use under desk but the unit made lot of noise with very little heat output on the highest of settings.”

Kelly Grant form southwest Florida bought Handy Heater and reveals in her review“This personal heater did work to warm the bathroom and is compact enough to fit inside easily.”

Rebeca Harris mentions in her review“It worked well enough for a small master bedroom walk-in closet. The issue customer brings to notice is the noisiness of the unit which can disrupt sleep. Another user who used Handy Heater for their half bath/powder room complains similarly about the noise it makes.”

Another Handy Heater user Chris Reed who tried it says in his review“Handy Heater took approximately 30 minutes to heat up a 70 square feet bathroom area. But it is still better due to easy use and compact size when compared to large, costly heaters.”

Myles Burt delightedly reveals in his Handy Heater review“Handy Heater has great functions. It is impressive for a compact unit to have low and high fan settings, timer and a good temperature range. The down side is that Handy Heater just isn’t strong enough as it claims. “

Another user Taylor Durant who used Handy Heater has mixed feelings about its use. In her Handy Heater review she complains – “On a positive note, I feel that Handy Heater worked pretty well and does heat up their powder room of 18 square feet area easily. Handy Heater’s compactness and flexibility definitely makes it a go-to heater and an outlet plugging design just frees up a lot of counter space as well. The issue I have is with the loud noise that Handy Heater generates even at a low fan speed. “

Gary Sullivan who purchased Handy Heater says in his review“Handy Heater does heat a small bathroom well. But it has unreliable thermostat and needs to be manually controlled to ensure the warmth inside the room. Also a lot of information such as temperature range, timer, automatic cut-off, heating type, material used and fan speed is missing from the official Handy Heater website.”

Handy Heater Claims

Get Toasty and Cozy – Handy Heater states to be a smartly designed compact personal heater that helps in achieving adequate warmth to keep you cozy. Handy Heater alleges that it acts as a personal heater by plugging into any outlet. At this point of time there are no Handy Heater reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

Smart, innovative design – Handy Heater proclaims to be compact in size yet powerful in performance, thanks to its cool-to-touch Thermo-Ceramic design. It allegedly features an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature and a two speed fan circulates the heat. Whether the claims by Handy Heater are true or not will be confirmed once it has been reviewed. Handy Heater assures that it uses 350 W energy-smart heating power from the outlet to reduce bills and heats up to 250 square feet area. It has a digital temperature display and on/off timer for enhanced usability.

What do I get?
Buy 2 Handy Heaters for $29.99 + $17.99 S/h at the official website: HandyHeater.com

There is an even more improved version called JML Instant Heater, which features a Carbon fiber heating element.

40 thoughts on “Handy Heater REVIEW

  1. Two things worry me about what I have read. First you should not use any plugin device in a bathroom, a bathroom should not have a thirteen amp socket wired into it. Also the wight of the unit pulls it out of the wall socket this will heat up the socket and the noise of the unit is not Whisper quite. Amazon should not be selling any electrical appliance that tells you its great for Bathrooms

  2. STOP DO NOT BUY! It says it heats up 250 square feet it doesnt heat up a anything! I bought two of them trying to give my trailer and my bedroom a little more heat well it didnt work. Now if i stand in front of it i mean basiclly touching it it works. Not worth the time or the money.

  3. I work as a security officer at the truck gate of a distribution center; the floor is concrete. There is a space heater on one side, but not on the other side. Last year, I got the Handy Heater on clearance at Walgreen’s to use at work; it’s plugged in under the counter. Normally, I have the temperature set at 75, & I’m sitting 2 feet in front of it; therefore, I don’t know how well it heats the whole space. What I value the most about the Handy Heater is that I can have it in an enclosed space & not worry about things around it catching on fire, & also that it doesn’t take up much space.

  4. Do NOT buy this! Return Policy a SCAM!!

    Handy Heater does not perform as advertised. Minimal heat if any. Bought two–one for myself and one for a gift. I returned them both. After trying mine it was useless. Was embarrassed to give the other as a gift.

    Return policy is a SCAM. I was only credited for ONE. Was told when I questioned them. There was a $17.98 return service fee! After paying shipping I am $7.00 in the red for a piece of junk I no longer have. . .

    Avoid this product and company at all costs.

  5. Must have been an error on advertising this heater will handle about 25 square feet. Not 250 square feet unless you have a 2 foot ceiling height. 350 watts of power will not supply a make up of 9 degrees heat loss as shown on TV commercial. Maybe buy one for the dog house. Also cost to operate does not save on your heating bill just increases electric bill! You can purchase locally 2 – 1500 watt portable heaters for the cost 1 of these including s&h

  6. This heater is totally useless. I ordered the heater in December. I received it the last of January. It has a faulty thermostat. It keeps turning off although it is no where close to the selected temperature. The fan set on high can’t be felt more than 6 inches from the heater. It don’t have the capacity to heat a shoe box.

  7. I think Handy Heater is a great little product. When I purchased it I was not aware it was not suppose to be used in a bathroom or any outlet that is GFCI.

    If you can overlook this and overlook the bit of false advertising where their commercial specifically says that it is great for the bathroom which is contrary to the safety information in the instructions, then purchase it.

    I am going to continue using it in the bathroom, except now, being aware of the instructions cautions not to, I will only use it in the bathroom when I am in it or very close by, should there ever be an issue.

    If you read other reviews online for Handy Heater you will notice a lot of people complain that the heater did not a larger area sufficiently. Overall I am happy with the product, but in all honesty, I had never seen the commercial for it before purchasing it so I had no expectations. In fact, judging by its size and weight, I really did not expect the thing to work well at all but because it was so cheap I decided to give it a try.

    You can see my full review with images at evanstips.com/5dzVY

  8. I ordered the Handy heater and like some of the customers above were told that the item had been shipped and Fedex never received the item only created a label.I called for a refund and was told they would send a check in 6-8 weeks.
    This is a scam. Buyer beware.

    • I ordered mine back in Nov 2016. Recieved an email stating it’s on back order. A week later I recieved an email it was shopped. DEC 2,2016 a label was made by fed ex but items never recieved by fed ex. Called and emailed and was told something had happened and it would be reordered prioritu! Jan 23, 2017 recieved email stating on back order again. Poor customer service! Will call now for a full refund!

      • Same thing here. I emailed them again on Friday 3/24. It’s been 10 weeks since the “your item is on backorder and will be shipped in 4-6 weeks notice.” We’re getting our money back. In the meantime we went down to the local retail store and bought one in Jan 2017. It works great.

  9. Handy Heater is a disappointment.

    I bought Handy Heater to save on my heating coast, and use it in my bedroom at night. But after trying the unit out I have to say it is nowhere near what they advertise on TV.

    I decided to try the unit in my bathroom which is 8x 5 feet. I set the unit to its highest level of 90 degrees. After letting the unit run for about two hours my bathroom was warm but not warm and toasty. I would strongly suggest the manufacture of this unit increase the wattage to truly accommodate a room that is 250 sq/ft.

    I bought my unit at Walmart so I can return it if it didn’t perform as advertised.

    I would not recommend wasting money buying the unit. I just wonder how other people who said the unit worked as advertised came to that conclusion? My bathroom is smaller than a walk-in closet which was barely warmed by the unit. Increase the wattage output and the unit will probably work fine.

  10. I purchased the handy heater for use in a small bathroom due to I live in a two story home and the central heat in the house just doesn’t warm the bathroom. It is always freezing in there. When researching the product before purchase, it never stated that it is not indented for use in bathrooms. I received the handy heater today was excited about using it just to read the safety instructions that state “not intended for use in bathroom” and the only outlet I have in bathroom is GFCI outlet. Very disappointed! They need to let people know this before hand. That is considered false advertising to me as most who purchase this product will most likely use for the bathroom. Not happy at all!

  11. Stom, stom, stom….ik had het kunnen weten. Als een paar acteurs/actrices je lachend en overenthousiast een product aanprijzen, smeren ze je in de meeste gevallen een product aan van inferieure kwaliteit. Zij lachen omdat ze uitstekend betaald krijgen voor hun aanstellerige manier van sprookjes vertellen en de koper zit met een waardeloos product.

  12. Waardeloos apparaat, Krijgt hooguit een ruimte warm van 1 bij 1 meter. Ze zeggen dat het meer warmte kan geven maar dat is echt bull shit. Daar klopt geen klote van.

  13. I asked for it for my bathroom other people used it there but instruction manual says not to. Also it says not to use in GFCI outlets which are in my bathroom. I want to know why these restrictions or if I could ignore them

  14. i guess im the only one who loves it.
    i plugged in to a surge protector and use it by my feet while i’m in the kitchen.
    my toes are toasty and i would buy one for the bathroom ours is small so i believe it would work well.

  15. You must have a 3 prong outlet to use Handy Heater. Cannot use an adapter for safety reasons per instructions. Produces almost NO HEAT. Returned mine and received a credit to my credit card in a timely manner.

  16. Just ordered 1 unit on line with up grade,
    Pressed order……..
    Here us the bottom line
    It ordered 2 units total $65.00+
    No way to undo
    Should have read these reviews 1st
    Awaiting the junk times 2

  17. l ordered this heater and paid extra for the 4-5 day delivery,was told later it was on back order.
    When l did finally get it, it never worked as advertised,and finally stopped working all together the 3rd. day.You cannot get customer service either by phone or email.My cost was $55.
    and l know l will never get it back. l think this company is a complete scam.

  18. There is no communication with Handy Heater,
    Seems to be a scam for orders on-line.
    Be careful when ordering on line

    • Hi iam having same problem I ordered like 3 months ago and about a month ago got email saying it’s on back order, and I called and have left them numerous messages and emails and not one person has answered the phone or emailed me back

  19. I want to know more – does this have UL rating re potential fire? I have a “cool room” and want to be able to warm up that room only – rest of my condo is comfortable.

    • It does NOT have UL certification. It claims to conform to a UL standard, if you want to take the marketer’s word for it. Find a heater that is UL certified, that is, has the UL seal on it.

    • Does not appear to have a UL rating. I purchased two and returned both of them. Did not seem like a safe product at all. And, it produced virtually no heat. I have since purchased the “Pelonis” small fan forced heater and it works GREAT! The Pelonis really puts out the heat and will turn off immediately if it is accidentally tipped over. Pelonis can be ordered online or purchased at Walmart for $10. Mine runs all the time and doesn’t over heat because you can select heat level. Automatically shuts off when desired warmth is reached and then turns back on when room becomes cold.

  20. It cannot save you money on heat. Every electric heater ever made is 100% efficient. If you have baseboard heat, it is only equal. If you have a cheaper heat, like nat gas, or heat pump, these heaters will cost you more. Love the bit in the ad..other heaters will cost you “UP TO $100. OR MORE! “up to” means 100 max. “more” is more than 100. So the sentence is self contradictory, meaningless….. and misleading.

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