Handy Grasp Review

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Get a grip on big as well as smaller things in life! Bring home Handy Grasp, the revolutionary, portable gripping handle that can be fixed virtually anywhere to make things easier and safer. Handy Grasp is the novel way to have instant gripping handle and can be taken anywhere! It actually travels with you and provides you stability and balance by preventing slipping and falling.

How does Handy Grasp Work

Handy Grasp is designed to be attached to any smooth, flat surfaces like tiles, porcelain, wood, metal or glass. It fixes easily in a jiffy for which no screws or tools are required. All you have to do is place, lock and grasp it on surfaces you want grip on. It fixes in a jiffy with just a push that doesn’t require strength. Put it up at places like bath tubs, shower stalls, next to bed, chair, sofa, doors or anywhere you feel you need stability and safety in. The hold is incredibly strong and makes sure you don’t slip. No more worrying about losing balance anywhere and no more avoiding places you fear you can’t be stable in. Move out anywhere confidently and do everything you previously couldn’t for fear of falling!

Handy Grasp comes to your rescue practically everywhere as it has hundreds of uses inside and outside the home. It’s sure to be of great use in slippery places like bathrooms. It is also of immense help outside when you need to clean windows or by the swimming pool where you really need something like it to hold on to and protect you from falling.

Handy Grasp is so strong you can even pull a heavy vehicle with a rope tied to it! That’s proof enough of its reliability and might. Since it’s absolutely easy to attach as well as remove, you can use it in different places without struggling to screw and unscrew it. What’s more, it is extremely durable and lasts for years. Handy Grasp is sure to be useful for kids as well as grownups at any step for you, so make sure it’s there in your home too.



What do I get?

  • 2 REGULAR SIZE Handy Grasp Units
  • 1 EXTRA LARGE SIZE Handy Grasp Unit

All this for just 49.95 € at ISLShop.TV



Handy Grasp Video

3 thoughts on “Handy Grasp Review

  1. I found this Handy Grasp to be absolutely useless. It will not hold on to any surface, including tiles and glass. Waste of money

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