Gutter Balls

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What is Gutter Balls

A leaf guard system that traps leaves and debris in their way so that your gutters will always be unclogged and the downspout will have proper drainage throughout the year.


Keeps your gutters unclogged

Gutter Balls claim that they can keep your gutters free from trapped leaves and debris so that your downspouts will have proper drainage and your gutters would never be filled. You need to clean your gutters often to make the water flow unobstructed through the downspout but they are always clogged with leaves and debris and it becomes backbreaking work to clean because you need to climb on ladders and stand on roofs for long durations of times. Though there are contraptions to help you clean the gutters, they usually don’t work well or are just as tedious to use. But Gutter Balls promises to be a simple yet effective device that can keep your gutters clean by working as a barrier and blocking leaves and other large items that will simply blow over the leaf guard system and the smaller rubbish will collect inside it and wash away or decompose over time.


No tools for installation. Just push it into place

It is very important to keep gutters clean all the time because if they are clogged, the water that falls during rains or when the snow melts will fall directly next to the foundation of the house instead of channeling through the downspout. Pooling water in the gutter can damage the gutters making you spend a fortune on repairing them but they can also damage the foundation of your house in ways you cannot even imagine. You can get up on a ladder and clean the gunk that accumulates but you may not always have the time and patience to do this and calling a professional only means spending a lot of money. But Gutter Balls assure that you can easily keep your gutters unclogged by simply pushing it into place. It then claims to trap the leaves and debris to give seamless flow of drainage.

Durable and rust-resistant

Gutter Balls also promises that the liquid that drains out of the downspout will be clear because the debris and leaves will be trapped in their place. So you do not have to worry about filthy water in your premises. Even though Gutter Balls are exposed to harsh weathers like summer, pouring rains and also snowfalls, the trappers proclaim to that they will not rust over time because they are made of PVC plastic and the construction also make them extremely durable so they can stop leaves and debris on their way all year long for many, many years to come.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Four Gutter Balls for $10 and $15.90 P&H.
  • Official website:
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