Glow Candles Review

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What are Glow Candles?

They are flameless candles that change colour and promise to help you set the perfect ambience wherever you are quite safely. Glow Candles claim that now you won’t have to worry about the risks of having regular candles lit up in the house. You know they help create a soothing setting in your homes but you know they are a risk too because of their flames. It’s particularly true when you have young ones or pets at home. You want to keep everyone away from harm’s length but you don’t want to compromise on your idea of a quiet and relaxed evening at home. Glow Candles emphasize that they create the mood for the perfect evening, indoors and outdoors without the fear of flames.

Glow Candles REVIEW

Excerpts from Glow Candles user REVIEWS

Glow Candles are cool, but they just don’t work that well. The remote control is not very responsive or rather the candles aren’t responsive to the remote.

The Glow Candles batteries drain way too fast.

The remote is cool but overall the Glow Candles is cheaply made. The battery compartment springs may break off the first time you change the batteries. Batteries die after one night of use Limited battery life is probably because they are so bright (too bright for the candle feeling) and the setting is either 4 or 8 hour auto shut off. Glow Candles are garish, but kind of fun, but not worth the price of the batteries they eat up.

Glow Candles are all different shades of the same color. If you want the Glow Candles mostly in the white/plain but when they are on the same color setting, they are different shades of white which just makes them completely fake looking.

Glow Candles are not very impressive. The colors are not very natural nor do they light up evenly. Glow Candles are cheap looking. Glow Candles cannot be put up for decoration in your home.

The only thing that is not nice about the Glow Candles is that when you use your remote, it messes with the candle and changes the color when you don’t want to, so you will have to keep grabbing the remote to change it back to the original settings.

Glow Candles are just average. They are very cheap looking. The LED is not bright at all and is almost faded. The color changing options makes them all a different color which is not good when you want them to all be the same color when they change colors. Sometimes the middle candle doesn’t respond to the remote. The timer is nice, although if there was an hour option to work more as a timer at work. All in all, the Glow Candles are okay.

Glow Candles are cheaply made and reflect that. Glow Candles are not recommended.

Said they come with batteries but both sets of Glow Candles did not have any batteries. Otherwise the Glow Candles are a nice product.

For some reason, the frequency of the main light turning on and off sometimes makes the Glow Candles turn on and if you don’t realize they’re on, they stay on for hours. Because of that, your batteries will always go dead.

Glow Candles are mediocre. Bought two sets but can only get five of them to be the same color at once. When you do the multi color mode they start out as the same color but eventually end up on random colors which is annoying. If you turn them on, four light up but one requires the button to be hit twice. There is also no flickering. Even with new batteries for the Glow Candles and using both remotes they are simply inconsistent.

Pros: Weatherproof and no fake “wax” feel to the Glow Candles.

Cons: – 2 candles arrived with missing battery plates
– the colors of the candle are hideous: orange is the closest approximation to candle light
– When you first turn on the candle, it is automatically on the multi-color function, so if you ever lose the remote, this is all you’re going to be able to get
– Remote control is very small and could easily be misplaced
– The “flicker” setting is not that at all: much more of a consistent pulsing/throbbing

Glow Candles CLAIMS

For starters, you need to know that Glow Candles are made out of 100% wax and they look like the real deal. In fact, when you have them lit around the house, you will get the completely authentic experience. What’s more, you won’t even have to move from your seat to have them switched on. The remote use feature of these Glow Candles is a highlight because it also lets you change their colors. Now you can have candles in soothing colors that go well with your surrounding decor too. Glow Candles assert that they always remain cool to touch, which is an added advantage.


Glow Candles and its different features

Not only do Glow Candles offer just the right amount of light for a perfect setting, they also have a lovely vanilla scent, according to their claims. Thus if you want to have a romantic evening with your loved one or a relaxed bath, you can easily do that with these candles. Glow Candles offers you several options including 12 cool colours and flickering flame, besides a steady glow. You can pick any of these choices based on your tastes and requirements. These candles can be your long lasting companions because the LED lights can last for thousands of hours.

Glow Candles are versatile for your needs

Glow Candles assert that they can be used in the bedroom to have that soft soothing light before you go to sleep. Since they have an in built timer, you won’t have to worry about turning them off because that will be done automatically for you. Glow Candles are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can have them as the centrepieces on your dining table or take them to your gardens and pools. They can be the perfect night light for your kids’ rooms or festive light for holidays too.


Glow Candles Questions and Answers

Q. Do the Glow Candles need AA or AAA batteries?
A. Glow Candles use AAA batteries, which are not included.

Q. How often do you need to change the batteries in the Glow Candles?
A. Not sure how often, but reviews say you need to change the batteries very often.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Glow Candles?
A. About 3″ diameter

Q. How would you describe the flickering of the Glow Candles?
A. They claim it flickers but reviews say it stays constant and does not flicker.

Q. Can the timer of the Glow Candles be set to automatically turn on from 6 PM – 12 PM every day, or does the timer need to be set up each time via the remote?
A. Not sure, but maybe only for a block of time based on the remote each time it is powered on – either 4 or 6 hours.

Q. How do you get each Glow Candle to be a different color?
A. Point the remote at the Glow Candle and hit the button with the color you want and it will change that candle to that color.

Q. What if you have multiple sets on at the same time? Will one remote work all of them?
A. Surely the remote works for all of them.

Q. How many colors are there in the Glow Candles?
A. There are 12 colors.

Q. How do I activate flicker mode when using the multi-color display mode?
A. Press the mode button several times to get the flickering to start and then hit the multi button.

Q. Are the Glow Candles dimmable via the remote control?
A. The instructions refer to two dimmer buttons.

Q. Can I have one Glow Candle in the bathroom, one in the bedroom and one in the hallway?
A. Yes, you can separate them and make all three work.

Q. Are the Glow Candles scented?
A. No. They are just LED candles.

Q. Can one remote control multiple sets of candles? I would like to have a dozen or so but don’t want four remotes.
A. With two sets, the remote works on both sets.

Q. What is the diameter of each Glow Candle?
A. They are 3″ in diameter.

Q. How bright are the Glow Candles?
A. In a completely dark room, one Glow Candle on a mid-bright color semi illuminates everything in the room, like the brightness of a wall plug night light.

Q. What are the timer settings?
A. Auto turns on everyday at same time and turn off in 4 or 8 hours. It works well.

Q. I cannot get mine to stop flickering. How do you deactivate the flicker mode? Didn’t come with instructions and I really love these candles.
A. Pushing the mode button should stop flickering.

Q. Do the Glow Candles have a wax candle feel and look?
A. No, the Glow Candles are made of made of a hard material but when lit they look like candles.

Q. Can you only have one Glow Candle on at a time?
A. Remote turns all the Glow Candles on simultaneously. If you only want one lit, take batteries out of others or have out of the area of one lighting.

Q. Are the Glow Candles made of real wax?
A. They feel like real like real wax. It could be “faux” wax however when you rub your nail they do indent chip like real wax.

What Do I Get?

  • But Two Glow Candles for $19.99+$14.98 P&H.

Official website:

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  1. I received Glow Candles for Christmas. I LOVE them. Great the way I have so many choices of colors for the different seasons.

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