Gaiam JOI Lantern Review

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Do you adore candles and the serene brightness they gently spread and drive away the dark? If you do, then you’ll love the Gaiam JOI Lantern, a charmingly innovative lantern that will not only make your home look beautiful but also be a great source of light when needed.


Gaiam JOI Lantern
The enchanting Gaiam JOI Lantern will captivate your heart with its contemporary design and inventive look. It’s designed like a quaint house with its walls made from stainless steel. The lantern housing has square-shaped window panes from which light spreads out and shines. It has an aluminum sliding tray, interior and base which is powder coated and an attractive tempered glass window design. Gaiam JOI Lantern resembles a tiny house standing on your shelf or mantelpiece that beams light from inside.

It’s powered by heat generated from a simple tea light candle and works on eco-conscious thermoelectric technology. Once you light it, you can have it running for up to four hours on one tea-light candle. It channels the energy from a tiny tea light into a bright readable ray, thus making it burn full and bright!

Gaiam JOI Lantern may be miniature, but it can create the equivalent light and brightness of 18 candles in one go! What’s more, through its lifetime, it’ll even provide thousands of hours of LED lighting. It can provide the lovely ambiance lighting with lamp head in lower position and area lighting with the lamp head raised. Different lighting effects can thus be created and experienced with the lantern. Keep the beautiful lantern handy, for apart from looking beautiful, it also doubles up as emergency lighting. It can definitely rescue you if there’s power failure or when you go outdoors.

To clean Gaiam JOI Lantern, use warm water and a mild detergent and rinse to remove moist dirt from it.

Occasionally, some soot may build up on it, which needs to be cleaned properly. After it cools completely, remove the candle holder and heat collector shield and take out soot by running a
folded piece of paper through the grooves of the heat collector. Remove any remaining traces of soot with an old toothbrush and fix all the components back. If you love adorning your home with avant-garde artifacts and objects, Gaiam JOI Lantern is just what you must acquire right away without fail!



What do I get?
Get the JOI Lantern for just $160.00 + shipping. Official website



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