My Fun Fish Review and Product Info

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What is My Fun Fish:

It is an aquarium that claims to clean itself for your convenience.
My Fun Fish can help home owners fulfil their wish of having a lovely aquarium at home without having to deal with the mess and the effort required for its maintenance. Your kids love to have fish at home, but tending to it and keeping the aquarium clean can indeed be a challenge. That’s where My Fun Fish comes into the picture, according to its claims, and saves you the hassle while letting your fish be seen clearly too.

My Fun Fish works with Gravity Clean technology

That’s the secret behind My Fun Fish, which is meant to clean itself without too much effort. All you have to do is add fresh water to the tank whenever you want. The dirty water from the aquarium will be pushed out, through the opening instantly. Thus My Fun Fish saves you the hassle of cleaning the aquarium ever so often and you are able to give your pet fish a healthy and clean environment to live in. Moreover they won’t be disturbed either and you will be able to see them crystal clear.

My Fun Fish is a child-friendly fish tank that can clean itself on its own when fresh water is poured inside. It smoothly shoves dirty water out through a spout which is built in when fresh water is added to the tank to provide a healthy, fresh and clean environment to fish.

My Fun Fish is an innovative aquarium that claims it’s just what you need to provide your fish the best care easily and conveniently. Those who have fish as pets know how meticulous you need to be while looking look after an aquarium. The job can be quite a task especially when you have to change the water in the tank manually on a regular basis. However, if you have My Fun Fish, you will be relieved of the chore so you can feel at peace and be sure that your fish is living in healthy surroundings.


My Fun Fish can be the perfect addition to your interior spaces

Now you don’t have to keep turning down your kids’ request of having fish at home. My Fun Fish lets you and your kids enjoy the marvels of underwater life without any mess in your indoor spaces. The aquarium will be a hit with the kids and it can bring the kids out of grownups as well. Having My Fun Fish is good for your children’s imagination and they will also learn the important lesson of tending to a pet and looking after him.

An edge over the rest!

This fish tank comes with a unique built-in spout that functions as an outlet that drains stale water automatically by replacing it with fresh water. Instead of draining the water yourself as in case of ordinary fish tanks and pouring fresh water in them, you can count on My Fun Fish to make this tedious process really quick and easy. You don’t have to do anything except for adding clean water into the tank, which results in the dirty water inside flowing out as it is replaced with fresh, crystal clear water. In ordinary fish tanks, dirt tends to get accumulated and so has to be cleaned regularly. It becomes an unwanted responsibility that has to be done anyhow as without it, the habitat becomes unsafe for fish. But in case of My Fun Fish, this risk is wholly eliminated as unclean water is replaced with clean water without any other idea.


The secret…

What powers My Fun Fish is the secret gravity clean technology, which makes it function and clean itself the way it does. Since you are instructed to simply pour water on top of unclean water in the tank, you have to do nothing else for the dirty water at the bottom to flow out to the cleaning spa. Once the unclean water is out of the tank, it is filled up to the brim with fresh, oxygenated and clean water, which is exactly what fish need for good health and survival.

My Fun Fish works for any room in the house

Another good thing about My Fun Fish is that it keeps the water in the aquarium fresh and oxygenated; a healthy solution for your pet fish. You can have it in any room in the house; bedroom to living room and add to its aesthetics.
A happy and safe home for your fish
With My Fun Fish you can turn an ordinary fish habitat into a space your fish will call their own. By providing your fish an environment like this aquarium, you ensure all the comfort, wholesomeness and safety to them which they are not likely to find in other fish tanks. Since this aquarium has a self-cleaning mechanism which requires no external support but just pouring of fresh water into it, kids can also go ahead with cleaning, maintaining and using it in the best way themselves. In order to make the experience of using My Fun Fish tank more fun, thrilling and riveting, it is also provided with flora, fauna and other decorative seabed plants. Children find them attractive, and they also double up as the ideal surroundings for fish to exist in. In addition to these decorations, white LED lights are also set up so that you can see the fish clearly at night without them getting disturbed. Along with that, red and blue LED lights and glow-in-the-dark stones are also provided with the aquarium to enhance the experience.


Kid-friendly aquarium

My Fun Fish proclaims that it is the perfect solution for the well-being of your fish that kids love too. This aquarium is designed especially for the young as they not only feel that they are cleaning up the tank themselves but also get to see the fish from close quarters as the tank is always crystal clear. In addition to that, the tank is also provided with white as well as colorful LED lights so you can see your fish even when it is dark. According to the creators of My Fun Fish, this concept has the potential to stir the imaginative power of children as they view the fascinating underwater world for real right in the comfort of home. It turns into a kind of a journey of discovery and also an opportunity for children to learn to care and share by looking after the fish in their own aquarium.

No disturbance whatsoever to fish

The promoters of My Fun Fish assert that its cleaning mechanism is exceptional as it ensures that while you replace the water in the tank, the fish don’t get disturbed or inconvenienced at all. The creators of this tank assure you that fish seem comfortable, healthy and happy in it and are also able to survive in the water in the aquarium without any hardships. Further, they draw your attention to the point that wherever you place My Fun Fish tank in your home, be it your bedroom, family room or any other area, it will be transformed into a completely new world of the ocean bed that glimmers with its decorations, accessories and more you can choose as per your wish. You are assured of creating the most favorable conditions for your fish in a way that doesn’t cause you any inconvenience.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive the MY FUN FISH tank with White LED Light and Riverbed Stones for just $14.99 +$6.95 P&H.
  • Official website:

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  1. This is a terrible product 2 weeks with it and my fish died, it only holds a gallon of water not enough and not enough air, I do not recommend this product.

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