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Are you tired of bad odors in your home caused by pets, smokers, or just musty rooms? Eliminate bad odors in your home with Fresh Sticks, which are forever fragrant and are the new advancement in the world of home fragrance. The world-renowned hose of Givaudan inspires each scent. Get them in two fragrances – Cool Linen Breeze Fresh Sticks with just a tinge of berry and cotton blossom and Golden Vanilla Fresh Sticks featuring the scent of vanilla bean and with a mix of citrus.


How does Fresh Sticks work?
Fresh Sticks are made from all natural plant based materials. They are safe to use with children and pets around. They are perfect for bathrooms to rid it of those horrible bathroom odors. You can use them around the house too and be assured of no messy spills. Place them in a vase at the entrance of your home and let your guests walk into the fresh fragrance of Fresh Sticks, leaving them with the best first impression of your home. What’s more – Fresh Sticks also have the Good Housekeeping seal.

Rid your home of those spray fragrances, messy oils and scented plug options. Sprays are bad for you and the environment. Get Fresh Sticks instead, which absorb all the bad odors in your house. Fresh Sticks are a must for households. Get them complete with a diamond-cut vase. Fill your home with the fresh, soothing fragrance of Fresh Sticks in Golden Vanilla or Cool Linen Breeze.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 Golden Vanilla OR 2 Cool Linen Fresh Sticks
  • All this for just $19.99 + $6.99 s and h. Official Offer. 30 day money back guarantee.


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15 thoughts on “Fresh Sticks Review

  1. 12 months ago, I bought 6 each of Linen Breeze and Golden Vanilla. I kept two of each for myself and put the others on my club’s raffle table. All 8 were won by 8 women. Four women said that the linen Breeze is the best of the two. There is no strong fragrance from either one of them – but the smell that was in the rooms they were placed in – is gone! I placed the Linen Breeze in my living room where my husband sleeps in his lounge chair. The smell of sweat from the chair drove me out of the area many times. Once I put the fragrance sticks bowl in that room – the smell was gone. I notice that when I walk by the area where the sticks are – there is a faint fragrance. However, we didn’t have the same luck with the Golden Vanilla. The fragrance was musty, like something was rotten and the smell in the bathroom seemed to get worse. When I removed the Golden Vanilla and replaced them with Linen Breeze, the air in the bathroom cleared up and the smell was gone.
    The reason so many other women were having problems with their sticks – is that they might have been old and dry. Who knows how long those undelivered boxes sat in a warehouse. I noticed when I touched the sticks today, fragrance transfers to my fingers. The women who got the Golden Vanilla sticks had better luck with them than I did. They placed theirs in small rooms and they worked fine.

  2. The Fresh Sticks ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SMELL!!! You are all missing the point. They do not smell to mask odors, they remove odors. My Sticks worked beautifully, but they lasted 6 months, not 2 years. I’m still going to order more. I couldn’t tell when they started working, but I sure could tell when they stopped. I have 7 cats too. All of a sudden I could smell odors from wastebaskets, cigarettes, musty odor in basement, kitchen. They sure DO work! The Sticks absorbing odors is the same idea behind odor eliminators as used at Ground Zero, but the type of “sponges” such as those used at Ground Zero only last a few weeks. I’ll take the Fresh Sticks lasting 6 months anytime.

  3. I bought these fresh sticks through telebrands and received my order. I was excited because I thought wow this is great and they last for two years… wow… when I got them I opened them up and put them in my living room and bathroom and after a week I noticed there was no smell coming from them so I called to get a refund and the guy from telebrands told me oh you don’t need a refund, I will send you some more maybe the first ones were defective. so he sent me a new order. When I received those I put them together with the other ones and still nothing. These things do not do as they are advertised and this is false advertising. So I called back again and told them I wanted my money back and they said sorry the return time has expired. so I am just writing this to tell you not to waste your money on these fresh sticks because they don’t work and also the “telebrands” do not stand by their product nor honor their guarantee. I should of bought them at walmart at least they would honor a refund.

  4. Can you cut the fresh sticks (in half). . .I would like to use in smaller / shorter containers in multiple locations?

    In terms of square footage, what is the area 1 set will cover?

    If I use in the bathroom, how are they effected by steam from the shower?

    Can I combine different scents like a few vanilla with the apple cinnamon?

    Just received part of my order (hang-its on back order) — anxious to give then a try

  5. Don’t waste your money. Fresh Sticks don’t work. I got 2 of them. No smell only if you put your noise on the sticks. They won’t refund your money either.

  6. These fresh sticks are like fresh nothing I can’t believe they sell these to people like I walk in and my house smells like feces. It smelled better before I got the fresh sticks. I wanted a refund but the company did not accept.

  7. I purchased my fresh sticks from HSN. No I don’t think it was a scam. Just false advertisement because I literally have to put my nose right on them to smell them. I didn’t notice a difference in the order elimination either. My apartment is very small and I put one in every room. You sure wouldn’t know it though. I had to purchase a different air fresher and when I walk in my front door, that is the one I smell. I don’t blame HSN. Just the owner of the product. I wanted to give my daughter a couple but I would have just disappointed her. I will not be purchasing any more of those. I still love HSN though. I purchase other things from them.

  8. I saw these Fresh Sticks in the local Walmart. I’d only seen 2 commercials about this product, but was intrigued after seeing the 1st commercial. I bought one, and chose the fresh vanilla scent. I wish they’d had more than that one, available. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and I no longer smell cat litter when I walk into my apartment. I wanted to get more of these, but am having difficulty finding them anywhere in local stores. The Shopko here, refuses to let a customer order products online, & then pick up in their store. I’m going to have to find an easier way of finding more products, without having to purchase them solely online. Though I would prefer a variety of scents to choose from, I do love how it covers up the cat litter box odors, as well as the cedar-scented moth cakes I have in one closet.

  9. After using the fresh sticks for about a month I haven’t noticed that it reduces any household odors at all. For instance if I cook bacon in the morning for breakfast, the house still smells like bacon in the afternoon. I put an entire set in my bathroom and can’t even smell the fresh sticks in there and my bathroom is very small. The other day I had something non-pleasant smelling in the trash and the odor didn’t diminish at all until I took the trash out. After about a month I am already using the second set that I bought with my first purchase. They do keep a good aroma in your house after the initial aroma dies down upon first opening them up. I don’t know how they can claim they last for years when I’m on the second set after maybe a month. My home isn’t big at all 8 feet by 20 feet, just an rv trailer but it’s home for me. Anyways if it can’t cover over odors in this small a space it won’t cover them in a larger space. I guess I’ll still be looking around for air-fresheners every month. These forever fresh sticks don’t have the staying power they claim on tv. So they are just very expensive air-fresheners if they only last a month or so. If they actually lasted for years it would have been a very reasonable price.

  10. I was excited to get these and bought the Golden Vanilla scent. The scent is very overpowering and I used only one packet of the sticks. I guess you don’t notice any other odors you may have because the odor of these is so overwhelming! It has given me a bad headache. I’m sorry now that I doubled up on my order. If you are “fragrant sensitive” I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying these. I’ll check out the refund policy and maybe I can recuperate some of my losses. I wanted to get one of each scent but they only let you choose one scent. The price is reasonable and if you double up on your order they send you a 15.00 gift certificate for Telebrand products. If the return policy is reasonable I’d try getting the clean linen scent fresh sticks.

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