FreezyBreezy Review

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Does your fan at home push the hot air around instead of cooling you down? Are your electricity bills extremely high because you are running the air conditioners in your house just to keep yourself cool? If yes, then what you need in your house is the FreezyBreezy.

How does FreezyBreezy Work

Here’s introducing FreezyBreezy, an incredible cooling solution that transforms your regular circular fan into a cool air machine. You can use FreezyBreezy to get cold air at night and during the day.

The FreezyBreezy is what you need at home, at your work place and anywhere else you want cold air. The FreezyBreezy lets you keep yourself cool and also helps you reduce your electric bill.

The best part about FreezyBreezy is that it takes only seconds to install. To put FreezyBreezy to use simple keep it in your freezer until it is frozen, slip on the mesh cover with frozen gel pack on your circular fan and you will instantly get cold breeze that keeps you cool and comfortable in any room.

FreezyBreezy works in the same way an air conditioner works. It draws in warm air over chilled coils and cold air is blown out from the other side making the temperature drop so that you get cool air in just seconds.

FreezyBreezy is just the thing you need to keep yourself cool at home, at your office and even outdoors too. So if your bedroom gets really hot at night simply slip on the FreezyBreezy on your circular fan and you get cool breeze in just seconds. Using the FreezyBreezy at your office will make you feel like you have your own personal air conditioner right next to you.

FreezyBreezy is perfect for circular fans from 12″ up to 16″. The best part about FreezyBreezy is that it is detachable, washable and reusable making it great for small room, big rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The mesh net comes off easily making cleaning a breeze.

Use the FreezyBreezy in your home at night and stop tossing and turning in bed because the heat just won’t let you sleep. FreezyBreezy also makes a great gift.




What do I get?

  • 4 FreezyBreezys

All this for each offer ordered will total to only $23.98. Official website



FreezyBreezy Video

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