Freedom Light REVIEW

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About Freedom Light

Freedom Light asserts to be a portable light up switch that comprises of powerful LEDs that offers powerful and portable lighting. Freedom Light declares to come with a switch that needs to be flipped on to emit light. It states to use ultra-bright LEDs that can light up a wide area that regular flashlight cannot.


How does Freedom Light work?

Light up the dark – Freedom Light guarantees to light up any corner inside the house including otherwise dark spots such as cabinets, kitchen pantry, and even offers professional looking kitchen lighting. Freedom Light promises that there’s no need to install it as it sticks on any surface and can be reused wherever required. At this point of time there are no Freedom Light reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

Portable and handy – Freedom Light allegedly doesn’t have cords, cables, or wires making it completely portable and handy. It can also be used in workshops, garages, glove compartment and trunk of a car. Freedom Light does sound highly impressive; user reviews will expose the truth. Since it is portable, wire-free, and hassle-free, the applications of Freedom Light are endless. Did you feel the same about this light? Send us your reviews.

Freedom Light Review

Clint Garza says in her Freedom Light review – “Two lights stopped working after inserting two sets of new batteries.”

Beverly Medina mentions in her review – “The magnets of Freedom Light are not strong enough to even stick to the fridge. It probably slides due to the weight of batteries. The Velcro has to be removed in order to use the magnet option. The Velcro falls off if you choose this option. I haven’t tried to screw the Freedom Light into a wall. Was hoping to use Freedom Light on the tailgate/truck doors etc. during camping, but they fall off.”

Sheri Boyd says – “Freedom Light was nice until one of them started burning within a few seconds of being switched on. Imagine my surprise, when I switched on the new Freedom Light I had attached under the kitchen cabinet, turn there was a misty haze. I had magic smoke wafting out from my brand new light, and the unmistakable aroma of burning electronics. Fortunately, I caught it in time, switched it off, and the smoldering abated.”

Courtney Newton complains in her Freedom Light review – “Velcro stickers are too small. Very disappointed in the Freedom Light. Freedom Light works well for a few seconds, and then dim so low you can barely see. Have two Freedom Light’s in my closet and it’s like they’re not even there. Tried different batteries and everything, but the Freedom Light still barely shines.”

Lorraine Hart writes in her Freedom Light review – “First the light appears to be bright when it works. Two of the lights did not work right out of the package. One worked after a littler flickering and the other I took apart and the resistor going to the back of the switch had already separated at the solder point. I soldered the resistor back on and after a couple of flicks it worked also. Freedom Light’s lights are very low quality and I regret my purchase. I should have gone with the better ones like I saw in the store and came with batteries. I expect to need to make many repairs with these, but it is so simple inside, it should take a few minutes each time. Freedom Light does have magnetic attachment points on the back and 2 places for hanging and two ez-pass type velcro connectors, which is good. Everything is just extremely low quality.”

Dora Hunter mentions in her comments – “Freedom Light is a bright light but it is not a night light. Freedom Light is a light with a switch that you switch on when you need light and there is no convenient power supply. One of the Freedom Light’s came with a strange bit on the back that wouldn’t let it sit flush against the wall which pretty much made it useless.”

Kelli Willis – “We put batteries in one of the Freedom Light’s. A few minutes later something smelled really hot. Picked up the light and one of the sides was hot. Took the battery cover off and the batteries were so hot the wrapping was coming off. We had to use a screw driver to pop the batteries out due to them being so hot. This happened with the light turned to the off position. We did try different batteries and exact same thing happened. Scary to think about what could have happened if this wasn’t caught quickly.”

Dolores Harrington complains – “The switches of Freedom Light are cheap. Sometimes they work properly and other times when turned off it stays on real dim.”

Shelley Foster reveals in her review – “Freedom Light’s lights are very bright which is a good thing. However the Velcro sticky backs are terrible. Freedom Light is not recommended if you plan on mounting the units on the wall with nails for permanent use.”

Jana Moody – “One of the lights won’t shut off sometimes. It has a defective switch. The other light works perfectly. The double sided tape and magnets of the Freedom Light are not very strong. They are pretty bright though.”
Cecelia Nichols’ review says – “Freedom Light is a cheap product. The batteries do not fit properly, they are useless.”

Freedom Light Questions and Answers

Q. How long do the batteries of Freedom Light last if you forget to turn them off at times?
A. They will go dimmer and then in a weeks’ time they would die.

Q. Does Freedom Light have magnets on the back?
A. Yes, but they are too weak to hold up the light. With a magnet with a hook on it, it holds the light switch just fine.

Q. Does Freedom Light work outdoors?
A. Nope, Freedom Light is not weatherproof/waterproof.

Q. I need more light over my kitchen sink. Can these attach under a cabinet to shine downwards over the sink?
A. Yes. They can be mounted anywhere.

Q. Are the bulbs replaceable?
A. Don’t waste your time replacing them, just buy a new one. You can find them for 5 to 7 a piece on Amazon.

Q. Does Freedom Light come with batteries?
A. They do not come with batteries.

Q. How many Lumens?
A. No information related to the brightness of the light.

Q. Can you use it in the shower?
A. No. These are not waterproof

Q. Would Freedom Light work well in a child’s outdoor playhouse?
A. Yes they would but remember they run on batteries so not sure how long they will last if kept on for extended periods.

Q. How easy is it to replace the batteries of Freedom Light?
A. Should not be a big task.

Q. What size batteries does Freedom Light take?
A. Please ask the manufacturer.


What do I get?
Freedom Light just for only 12.99 + S& the Official website |

2 thoughts on “Freedom Light REVIEW

  1. Tried one out in store at Sears. You can test right in the package to try. Says 3W led, and that looks about right. Was $4.99. Kmart should have it in stock too.

    Yes the Velcro is cheap. Go out and by some 3m Velcro strips at Wal-Mart that can hold 3lbs and you’ll never have a problem.

    Came here to read about any reviews before buying more.

    It sounds like some people put their batteries in wrong to cause problems.

    I’m going to pick up a few more. The idea is so ridiculously simple, I love it.

  2. Id like to buy 2 packs of 4 FREEDOM LIGHTS . Cant find where to order and pay for with my cards.
    My Mobile 0401570094

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