Forever Fragrant Sticks Review

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Do you wish to make your house feel and smell fresh all the time? Post cleaning one can use several diffusers, room air fresheners and dispensers to get a sweet scent and freshness in the room. But these solutions are generally very costly and also not long lasting. This means you might end of spending on a temporal solution. Only if their fragrance lasted for a longer time it would be an advisable investment. To help this thought the new Forever Fragrant is launched. It’s the latest and the most innovative solution in freshening and perfuming the room for a long time.


How does Forever Fragrant Sticks work
Forever Fragrant is an innovative next gen technology for perfuming the room and is inspired by the world renowned Givaudan. The amazing package comes with a fragrance sticks which provide sweet aroma in interiors lasting for about 2 whole years time period. These sticks are supposed to be placed in a beautifully diamond cut glass vase which is provided with the purchase of Forever Fragrant kit. The sticks have the breathability making it release its fragrance slowly and evenly for a long lasting perfume in the air. The fragrance generation takes place from a natural plant source and wood pulp based material which is safe and a sustainable resource. These natural ingredients give it the capability to dispense scent in the air and fight unwanted smell or odor which may be generated by pets, cigarette smoke or moist weather.

For best results Forever Fragrant should be placed in an open area which has no air flow obstruction since air allows the gentle release of fragrance from the sticks. The scent adds up and matures over the period of time gradually becoming a part of the room environment. Forever Fragrant is so unique and widely accepted that it has received a Good Housekeeping Seal for its optimum results. Forever Fragrant comes with the option of Golden Vanilla which comes with a golden amber colored vase and golden sticks and Cool Linen which comes with pearlized white sticks and a white vase. For a special limited time offer, purchasing one Forever Fragrant gets another Forever Fragrant and a Hang-It room freshener absolutely free.



What do I get?
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5 thoughts on “Forever Fragrant Sticks Review

  1. This was claimed to be a path breaking product, which had many benefits for users like me. But I have bought into that sales spiel in the past and regretted my decisions later. Hence this time I was aware that I couldn’t make spontaneous buys without going through the reviews of the product. I typed in Forever Fragrant Sticks as my keyword and several sites that seemed to have reviews about the product came up. And that’s what they remained; they had no actual review content about the product. They clearly were a marketing gimmick for the manufacturer or some dealers who might be keen on selling the product. It put me off completely and I didn’t want to buy the product any more. Thankfully I found your site, which told me just what this product was all about and it has helped me make my decision.

    • It’s really unfortunate that this is happening and the menace of these sites has to be contained. The search engines have to be more proactive about penalizing these fake review sites. But the problem is that they are just not able to spot them at the moment, which is a huge shame. And it’s the reason users like you are subjected to the fake and shoddy content on these sites. What’s worse is you might be misled into buying some crappy products by manufacturers and affiliate marketers, who are behind these sites.

  2. Review Forever Fragrant

    Does Forever Fragrant really remove odor and fill the room with soothing scent?

    Does Forever Fragrant really last for up to 2 years as it claims?

    Is Forever Fragrant an all natural formula?

    Can Forever Fragrant be used in the bathroom?

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