Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount

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What is Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount

It is a simple deck mount provision to place flower pots in a wonderful and a unique way to beautify the porch, fence and porch with easy to assemble process.

Beautify the house:

Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount declares that it can be the life-saving idea that will help you beautify home in the quickest way. Many people do back-breaking labor to make a amazing looking garden in the yard and maintain it throughout the year. But with the fast-paced nature of life today it is extremely impossible to do so which is why Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount claims to be very effective. It is simply a deck mount that consists of a provision to place any standard sized flower pot to instantly change the look of the house. The best part about such a deck mount is that it does not really need regular attention and a constant worry about critters. Instead, a flower pot placed with beautiful flowers using Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount can be a welcome sign to visitors without the need of a beautified yard.


Key features:

Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount is proclaimed to be the deck mounted flower pot holder that can help accentuate the outdoor space due to its suave features and the ability to hold standard sized 10″ and 12″ flower pots with ease. The physical features of Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount are stated to be very sturdy in nature with the circular ring forged from a 5/16 inch diameter steel rod which is welded to a 3/16 inch steel angle to provide extra reinforced strength. The body of Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount is painted with a textured black powder coating so that it suits any background and does not take away the attention from the flowers. The assembly mechanism for Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount is declared to be quite easy as it comes with pre-routed holes that can be simply screwed at a desired place in the house. Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount is allegedly great for decks and porches, structural posts, wooden fences, window sills, metal fences, etc. and can also be used to mount synthetic flowers which work great during winter.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive the Flower Pot Tree Deck Mount and decorating guide for just $19.99 + $9.99 S&H!
  • Official website: flowerpottree.com
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