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How often have you tried to get a job done in the garage or storage room for that matter but have struggled because you’ve had to hold a light in one hand? Don’t you wish you had a handy light that you could simply wear when you wanted? Well, the good news is that there’s Flex Light Pro, which can make your tasks a lot simpler because you can easily wear it around your neck. Thus you have a brilliant, poseable, personal tack light that will be very handy for many applications for you.

How does Flex Light Pro Work

Flex Light Pro is packed with many stunning features, which clearly show you that the light has been created for your convenience in the first place. The soft foam, and flex arms are probably the biggest highlighting feature of this light. The alloy wire, foam padded arms means you can have your hands free while you can get on with your task. Flex Light Pro also has a magnetic base, which makes the light super strong and durable. And that’s just what you are looking for from a light that is going to be used for all sorts of applications.

Flex Light Pro is known for its smart design but that’s not all it can boast of. The two high intensity LED lights have their own independent operation and they offer you a brilliant solution for hassle free lighting when you need it the most. You can use Flex Light Pro when you are working on your car or have a chore to do in the garage for that matter. From fixing a broken fuse to taking care of a leaky pipe, this light has many uses for you around the house.

You also have a light with you when you go out for walks with your dog in the dark. Flex Light Pro will also be with you when you are out trekking or camping for that matter. Flex Light Pro has low, medium and high settings for each light and it’s also water resistant, which makes it perfect for all the rugged uses.



What do I get?

  • 2 Flex Light Pro

All this for $ 19.95 plus $ 15.90 P & H Official website buyflexlightpro.com



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