EZ Bright Review

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The biggest trouble heading back home late at night is the darkness that lies around the front door. You would need to turn on the porch light to see and may still end up losing balance because of the restricted vision. In fact, it can even be difficult to look for the keys in such darkness. Though this problem can be solved easily by carrying a torch along but it can be such an unnecessary extra effort. Now you can rest assure of avoiding such a trouble and simply walk in front of the house to switch on the light with the new EZ Bright.


EZ Bright

EZ Bright is a new motion sensor light that switches on and off automatically on sensing any motion under it. The wirelessly installed light has the capacity to detect movement within a range of 10 feet which makes it switch on even before one reaches the door front, lighting up the whole porch. It is completely weather proof so it works perfectly well even in the worst of conditions. Even while leaving the house it switches on to light up poorly lit front door, stairs, etc. It is totally battery operated and hence does not require any sort of electrical connections. This makes it a perfect choice of light outside garage doors and backyard doors too.

EZ Bright has to be simply peeled and placed where it needs to be installed making it easier than any other lighting solution. It consists of 10 very bright LEDs that are engineered to provide brilliant lighting for up to 100,000 hours of ultra-wide glare-free beam of light. The best part is the two piece swivel and head design which can rotate and move from top to bottom and side to side to focus light in one particular direction. The motion sensor is pretty intelligently programmed and does not switch on if there a light already around it especially in daytime. EZ Bright comes for a very low price compared to other similar products and if you buy right now you will get one more EZ Bright absolutely free.




What do I get?
2 EZ Bright wireless motion sensor lights for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website GetEZBright.com



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6 thoughts on “EZ Bright Review

  1. I ordered the deluxe model and for some reason they just cancelled the order and when you call the phone number is no longer working. Too bad because it looked like a great invention. Go figure

  2. I ordered the EZ Bright Light February the 1st and still have not received any product and the customer service number that they sent in my email confirmation is disconnected!!!!

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