Extinguish Stick Review

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What is Extinguish Stick:

It is the smallest and most advanced fire suppression unit in the world, according to its claims.

Extinguish Stick assures you much needed peace of mind knowing that you can be protected in case of unfortunate events that lead to fire breaking out in your homes, offices, boats, RVs etc. You want to be prepared for situations like these because it’s about the safety of your near and dear ones after all. This fire suppression unit claims to make the most of technology that was developed to be used in space to give you best results. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Extinguish Stick reviews to corroborate these claims.

It is rooted in science

The origins of this unit date back to the 1920s when the science behind it was advanced by Dynamit-Nobel, a company based in Europe. It was found that a reaction could create aerosol type of gas, which had several advantages. The reaction could be time controlled, the gas was safe for the environment and importantly it had a huge appetite for oxygen, which made it the perfect fire suppression system. But do you see the results with this unit? Why don’t you tell us in your Extinguish Stick reviews? The technology evolved over the years and a new portable system was identified by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1990s. Its desired purpose was to be used in space, which would mean the use of state of the art technology. That’s how this fire suppression unit was born. Thus it is a light, A, B, C & E rated fire suppression capable, non pressurized, environmentally friendly, zero maintenance, one time use fire suppression unit that will be ready when you need it the most, according to its claims. These seem like tall claims that will have to be confirmed after going through Extinguish Stick reviews.

Understanding how it works

While this fire suppression unit works on state of the art technology, it is very easy to use and practically anyone can make the most of it when needed. A bit like road flare in appearance, it has a handle with a moulded grip surface and a covering cap. When the cap is pulled free, it can be inserted in the bottom of the handle, which increases the length of the unit. It can then be pointed in a safe direction, and the yellow pin removed to activate the device. We will go through Extinguish Stick reviews to validate these claims. This step causes a chemical reaction; Potassium Nitrate when mixed with other components forms a compound. This reaction can be controlled for a specific period of time, and it emits a jet of visible gas that can suppress or extinguish fire, according to its claims. Was this true in your experience? We would like to hear in your Extinguish Stick reviews.

Depending on the device used, it will last for 50 or 100 seconds. It stresses that it is efficient in extinguishing fire because the gas that is created here has a voracious appetite for oxygen. The fire is starved of fuel and since it is an aerosol gas with no solid particulate matter, there is not dust or residue to contend with at the place it was used. Extinguish Stick reviews should be able to give us more information on that. Once the fire is suppressed, it is recommended that you apply the emitted gas to the source of fire for few more seconds so that there is no re-ignition. The device can then be allowed to finish its timed cycle outdoors or the end be submerged in water before disposing off normally. We are curious if disposing it off is that simple and look forward to knowing about it in your Extinguish Stick reviews.


Has myriad advantages and many applications

This fire suppression unit maintains that since it is not pressurized, there are no risks that one can face with pressurized canisters. It comes with a 5 year warranty and no maintenance is required at any point in time, which gives it an edge over the regular fire extinguishing devices. But we will believe these claims only when we have gone through Extinguish Stick closely. It also asserts that it is environmentally friendly and has A, B, C and E fire suppression capability. While A stands for wood, paper, fabric, plastic, B/C are fires whose fuel is flammable or combustible liquid or gas, E denotes electrical fires. It is light and portable, with average weight less than 16 ounces. Thus it can be used with one hand in case of emergency situations. Extinguish Stick reviews should be able to throw more light on that.

Once activated it claims to be non corrosive and doesn’t leave any residual coatings. Since it is compact it fits into glove compartments of automobiles and silverware drawers in kitchens. It also stresses that it has several applications because it can be used in homes, offices, boats, RVs, cars, camping sites and more. We hope your Extinguish Stick reviews will give us insight into these benefits. You can also use this fire suppression unit as smoke flare signaling device in case of outdoor emergencies. What’s more, it promises to save you costs compared to the traditional fire extinguishers. Now does it really live up to these huge claims? We can find out after analyzing Extinguish Stick reviews closely.

Important features of the unit

It’s interesting to note that while a regular 20lbs fire extinguisher has a payload of 15-20 seconds of product emission, a 50 second stick of this unit gives out about 50 seconds of fire suppression ability. One also needs to know that it’s not a Halon gas emission device as those have already fallen out of favour. What did you make of the emission abilities of this unit? We’d appreciate you telling us in your Extinguish Stick reviews. Since the unit doesn’t contain Monoammonium Phosphate, like traditional devices, it doesn’t damage electronic equipment. It also carries an electronic marine use certification and can be stored on a boat without any risks involved. The stick has been used in Europe and the Middle East for many years now and has various International certifications. The makers are in the process of getting all the US based certifications that should put one’s mind at rest. Extinguish Stick reviews are awaited to validate some of these claims.

We also await Extinguish Stick reviews to know if it is really cost efficient since it promises to be one third of the price. It also asserts that you are saved maintenance costs, which makes it an effective, environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution for you.

What Do I Get?

  • You can get Extinguish Stick | 50 Sec. Model for $99.99
  • Extinguish Stick | 100 Sec. Model for $129.99
  • Official website: extinguishstick.com
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