Ever Bulbs

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What is Ever Bulbs – Ever Bulbs are extremely durable light bulbs and the only ones in the market that last for 10 years without burning out ever.

Save time, energy and money with Ever Bulbs

Changing light bulbs every few weeks or months is a painful and frustrating chore but Ever Bulbs promises to eliminate the problem of having to replace burnt out bulbs again and again because they are created to last really long. Having to replace bulbs especially gets annoying when the bulbs are in very difficult to reach or high places and should you have to change them in darkness then the trouble just doubles up. Sometimes these places are so inaccessible that you need to get a ladder or wait for someone else to replace it. But with Ever Bulbs you do not have to rely on anyone else or change the bulb because they are supposedly guaranteed to last 10 years. So it believably saves your money on buying a new bulb, time in replacing it and is energy-efficient too.

Made of strong filament and Krypton Gas technology

Ever Bulbs is apparently making these claims based on their extraordinarily strong filament that is combined with Krypton Gas technology. This combination makes Ever Bulbs so very strong that they can endure the heat, vibration and also on/off cycle that would make regular bulbs to burn out. Ever Bulbs creators seem to be so confident of their bulbs that they claim Ever Bulbs last longer than as many as 25 regular bulbs because of which you may not even need to change a bulb again.

Available in all wattages, and in clear or frosted

What’s more, Ever Bulbs are meant to be available in all common wattages so you can get a bulb for your garage, lawn or even a night lamp without having to replace them. You can even get your choice of frozen or clear Ever Bulbs according to your need.


What do I get? 8 Ever Bulbs for just $10 plus $13.98 P&H. Official website EverBulbs.com

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