Dr Heater PTC Quartz Infra-Red Heater 1500 Watt Reviews and Complaints

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Winter’s here and it’s time to turn up the dial, on not only the heat, but also your heating bill! You can try and save money heating up your room with an ordinary space heater, but coil heaters send hot air up towards the ceiling, leaving you out in the cold! Keep warm this summer, with the energy saving and money saver Dr. Heater Infrared Space Heater! It heats up a 1000 sq. feet room really fast and can cut your heating bill up to nearly a half!


Dr Heater Quartz Infra-red Heater work?

Unlike other heaters that warm the air above you, Dr. Heater heats around you. It has two heat transfer systems that distribute a flow of warm air that fills the room fast. It is the only infrared heater that works two ways. The secret is Dr. Heater’s dual heating system that combines quartz infrared element and PTC technology to generate 60% more heat as compared to other similar models.

Switch it on, and set the desired temperature and you are immediately blanketed in cozy warmth. It has an excellent safety record and is never hot to the touch; it is protected against overheating and has state-of-the-art tip over protection. Dr. Heater eliminates static and airborne particles without drying out the air. It is portable, so you can move it to wherever you want and is whisper quiet.

Dr. Heater is a real money saver and a quietly efficient machine. Enjoy winter, this year with Dr. Heater! You will also receive a bonus high quality fleece blanket to snuggle into.

Dr Infrared Heater Quartz + PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater Complaints

Doesn’t live up to its claims
The product is all about false promises and that’s the sad truth. You are told it gives 60% more heat output then other heaters in the market but there’s no mention of any tests, proofs etc, which raises alarm bells. The fact is if you buy a heater of same wattage, it should give out same amount of heat; no more or no less.

Overhype about simple elements
Like the PTC, which is the Positive Temperature Coefficient, but it’s nothing more than a ceramic heating element that’s meant to heat at a specific temperature. But it’s certainly not worth all the hype and extra money you are made to spend on it.

Doesn’t really save you money
It’s been designed to heat one room but we end up spending our time in multiple rooms, which makes this heater pointless. You are better off investing your money on better insulation in your house.





Reviews and Complaints
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Dr Heater Quartz Infra-red Heater Video


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