Divine Time Review

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What is Divine Time

It claims to be a beautifully crafted timepiece that will not only beautify the walls and show time but also with every hour it will read a scripture from the Holy Bible. This way it spreads eternal cheer and positive energy at home.

Word of God at Home

Divine Time promises to be the life-changing experience with the ability to play a different Bible verse every hour. Divine Time does sound very fascinating but how well it works is a question left upon Divine Time reviews by users. Divine Time states to be extraordinary unlike regular timepieces but obviously we cannot believe upon everything claimed by Divine Time till users review it. Divine Time asserts to be the best way to remind everyone about the love God has provided and the beauty of life. Divine Time declares to help feel the grace of God every hour and affirm belief. Such far-fetched claims by Divine Time will be only substantiated once it has been reviewed.

Hourly Grace

Divine Time assures to be the guiding light during difficult times and remind everyone that God exists for the betterment of every individual’s life. Nothing stated by Divine Time can be confirmed yet due to lack of user reviews. Divine Time alleges to bring the most inspiring of verses right from the Bible. This way people who are in the vicinity will be reminded of the Grace every passing hour. Divine Time promises that the verses every hour are different from different part of the scripture to instill hope and faith in everyone. Divine Time sure does sound promising but we will know for sure once it is attested by user reviews.

Divine Time declares to have inspiring verses like “This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength”, “Arise, shine: for your light has come! And the glory of Lord has risen upon you.” and more. Such inspiring verses in Divine Time are guaranteed to come with a voice that spreads cheer and calm at home. Can Divine Time really provide such awe-inspiring faith? Divine Time reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Beautiful Timepiece

Divine Time emphasizes to be not just spiritual but also very beautiful with intricate details. At this point nothing can be verified due to lack of Divine Time reviews. Divine Time convinces to be attractive with its suave finish and Roman numerals. Divine Time maintains to be very good at showing the light not just by quotes but with its glow in the dark hands. Currently no Divine Time reviews are available to validate its claims. Divine Time also asserts to have light sensor that automatically sets the clock to quiet mode at night. Such feature is very important but we shall be sure of its functioning once users review it. Divine Time alleges to run on 2 AA batteries and makes the perfect gift. Is Divine Time truly enlightening? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You will receive the Divine Time™ Clock with Stand and display stand for just $19.99 +$7.95 P&H.Official website buydivinetime.com

11 thoughts on “Divine Time Review

  1. Hi Divine time clock I’m very disappointed because my clock dont work. If I have read the reviews before I bought the clock I wouldn’t have spent my money. Can anyone tell me something to do to make my cock work please email me at cindygillins@gmail.com. My number is 281-508-5363.

    Thank you
    Cindy Gillins

  2. I bought a the these for my church member and myself and it doesn’t work at all so disappointed You should let people know that they are good for time Stop selling something that don’t work

  3. Should have read the reviews before I purchased a divine clock. Clock works fine but does not talk. BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

  4. Didnt work for me. Called tge number..claimed it had to be used in bright light. Not mentioned in brochure. I even took it outside still didnt work. Said tgey wren’t making these anymore. I just bought mine today. Save your money

  5. i am so disappointed because it DOES NOT WORK! I purchased for my Dad for Father’s Day 2017. He was so excited. We are on our second after returning number one. And guess What? I am still disappointed because the second one DOES NOT WORK EITHER. I’m over it! my Dad is very sad about it. He loved the concept and he really wanted it to work as he is new to the Bible. Too bad it doesn’t work though. Get it together Devine Time or take this item off the market. Count your losses and stop ripping off consumers with this DUD. (oh by the way, official website is down. RED FLAG) Thank you. P.S. Vendors, STOP SELLING THIS ITEM.

    Disappointed Daughter, Hollywood, CA

  6. Have bought two trying to find one that actually recited the scripture. Neither did but it did keep time just wouldn’t work otherwise even with brand new batteries…just quietly clicks each hour . Save your money

    • Ollies stores have them for $5.99.I bought one on 4/12/18.Bible verses did not work.Time works fine

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