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What is Dimmit?

It is an easy-to-install light controlling device that lets you dial up or down the brightness of your light bulb in the lamps to the ideal intensity. With this, you end up saving energy and extending the life of your light bulbs.


Brightness controller for your light bulbs

Dimmit guarantees that controlling the brightness of your lamp is on your fingertips. At home, we always feel that the light is never set to the right intensity and is either too bright to watch a movie on your laptop or too dim to read anything. But Dimmit claims that it can turn your ordinary lamp into a dimming lamp with just the turn of a knob. Even though there are three-way bulbs available, they are expensive whereas Dimmit claims to let you control the brightness from super bright to mood light glow easily and cost-effectively.


Installs like screwing a light bulb

As the claim of Dimmit goes, it is as easy to install it as it is to screw a light bulb and you do not need any hardware tools or a professional to do it. You just need to screw it into your lamp and then screw the light bulb into the dimmer and you will be all set to use it instantly. Whether you want to dial the lamp brightness down to watch TV or use your laptop peacefully without worrying about the glare or you want to crank it up to read to your kid without having to strain your eyes in the dim light, Dimmit maintains to let you do it all easily with just a twist of the wrist.


Versatile, works with any kind of lamp

Whether you want a low glow just enough to prevent tripping on the furniture when you walk across the room in the night or you want your lamp to be bright enough to fill the entire room with light, Dimmit convinces to let you do it all. It alleges to work with any kind of lamp – tabletop lamp in the bedroom, floor lamp in your living room or any fixture or chandelier that you need to control the brightness for. Since you get to control how bright you want the light, Dimmit promises to let you conserve energy and save money by slashing down on your electricity bills. It also proclaims to extend the durability of your light bulb. It claims to be so effective that if you dim your lamp by 10%, it would mean making one bulb last as much as two bulbs and 25% dimmer light means one bulb lasting as many as four and 50% results in saving a whopping 20 light bulbs.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Dimmit for $10.00 plus $15.9 P&H.
  • Official website: buydimmit.com
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