Couch Coat Reviewed

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About Couch Coat

Couch Coat asserts to be a quilted and reversible cover that prevents all kinds of stains, tears, pet hairs, and damages to the couch. Couch Coat claims to be easy to lay and tuck and just as easy to pull off when you want to clean the couch or have guests over. Couch Coat states to come in two stylish reversible colors to go with every décor and give your sofa a brand new look any time you need.


Couch Coat REVIEW

John Porter complains in his review“When you order the Couch Coat, you may not receive the color that you ordered. Lots of people did not receive the color they were expecting. The company needs to change the pictures on the packaging and online to match the actual product. Couch Coat is a total disappointment”

Robert Wade reveals in his review“Couch Coat does not stay in place well at all. As soon as you sit down, Couch Coat starts to wad up and makes the room look really messy.”

Leslie Mangin states in her review“Couch Coat is too short. Couch Coat is no frills fabric, inexpensive and grabs the pet hair. If your dog hardly sheds then it may be fine. The Couch Coat material is what is expected for the price. You may want to get something that is more durable and is better material than this.”

Stephen Smith cautions in his Couch Coat review“You will be disappointed with Couch Coat. The Couch Coat material is thin and looks very cheap. It doesn’t help that every time you sit down it slips and you have to keep fixing it. Couch Coat is too much of a nuisance and you may end up throwing it at the back of the closet.”

Jennifer Thorne complains in her review“If you have a thin regular leather sofa Couch Coat may not fit properly. It is too short so you have to fold it in half and tuck it in so it doesn’t look ridiculous. Also the dog hair sticks to the material and it’s nearly impossible to remove. It is not worth the buy, you are sure to regret ever buying this product. It is a waste of your time and money.”

Taylor Foley states in his review“Couch Coat would have gotten 5 stars had it not been for the sizing. Buyers should note that the width measurements are inaccurate. The width of the sofa size cover is 63 inches without the arm sections. That arms sections are ample length and if included in the size (which they shouldn’t be), would bring it over 75 inches. At 63 inches for the seated area, this does not cover the width of the sofa. You have to tuck the arm sections under the seat sections. The quality of the fabric is fine and the color is accurate, but the sizing is blatantly inaccurate. This brand is sold for sofas, loveseats and chairs, all at the stated 75-inch width. This is for loveseats, not sofas or chairs.”

Couch Coat Questions and Answers

Q. Is Couch Coat tried and tested?
A. No. Coach Coat is a very recent product and not many customers have received it. And hence there are very few or almost no reviews.

Q. But the Couch Coat infomercial has been running for a long time and how are there no reviews yet?
A. Because all those who have ordered the Couch Coat have still not received it. Maybe it may take more than 6 to 12 weeks for the product to arrive as it may be back-ordered.

Q. Is Couch Coat unique?
A. Nope. There are tons similar rugs available at which are tried and tested and have got really good reviews and ratings.

Q. What is the material of Couch Coat?
A. The Couch Coat is available has 2 models a cheaper one is just a quilted cover and the deluxe is made of some unknown material that the manufacturer does not reveal. We think it is some cheap material.

Q. What is the filling material of Couch Coat?
A. Again no information from the manufacturer.

Q. What is the Dimensions of Couch Coat?
A. We don’t know. The company behind the Couch Coat does not find it important to mention the Dimensions their rug. Highly un-professional and casual attitude.

Q. Is Couch Coat Hypoallergenic?
A. We are certain it is not. We think it is a cheap couch rug.

Q. What sofa material does it work with and does it NOT work with?
A. Again the irresponsible telemarketers don’t find it necessary to answer such questions. A typical As Seen On TV marketer outlook. Probably not recommended for leather because it slips on leather.

Q. Is Couch Coat water-proof?
A. Nope. But it absorbed the water and protects your couch.

Q. Does it work for reclining chair?
A. Not recommended.

Q. Will Couch Coat grab pet hair? If yes, how do I clean it?
A. Yes Couch Coat will grab pet hair. You will have to use a vacuum cleaner or a roller to clean it.

Q. Will Couch Coat stain?
A. Most probably it will.

Q. Does Couch Coat stay in place?
A. It should if used on any fabric covered couch. What makes it stay in place is the friction.

Q. Where is Couch Coat made?
A. Probably in some shoddy Chinese factory.

Q. How to clean Couch Coat? Is it machine washable?
A. Again no information regarding how to clean Couch Coat. But it should be machine washable.

Q. What is the Guarantee of Couch Coat?
A. A teeny-weeny 30-day money back guarantee.

Q. Should I buy Couch Coat? If NO, WHY?
A. Nope. First, it is not a unique product not available elsewhere there are scores of similar products available everywhere. Second it is not tried and tested, we are not sure of the QUALITY of Couch Coat. Third it is available only at the official website and the ordering process is unreliable and designed in such a way that you will end up ordering more Couch Coats than you need and end up spending more than $70. And on top of that the product ma be back-ordered.

Q. Is there an alternative to Couch coat?
A. YES!!!! SOFA SHIELD is a proven Couch Rug available a Its been in market for a pretty long time. It has over 1800 reviews at and 4 star rating. It comes with 10 years guarantee. and is available i 6 different colors whereas Couch Coat comes in only 2 colors. Sofa Shield also comes with elastic straps to keep it in place.

Couch Coat CLAIMS

There are slip covers available that are meant to keep stains and tears off the couch and sofa but they are difficult to put on the furniture. Couch Coat guarantees that it is easy to use. You allegedly need to lay it on the couch or sofa and tuck it in to get instant protection. Couch Coat will make your torn and old couch look like new again. Couch Coat also emphasizes to have an arm cover to add extra cushioning and protection.


Claims to make your old and torn couch look brand new – It is rather unfortunate that you cannot toss your couch into a washing machine. And to save it from stains, spills, and pet hair you might cover it with towels and blankets but that looks unsightly. Now Couch Coat proclaims that you can keep your couches safe from all these problems easily. Couch Coat states to be a quilted and reversible cover that revives your couch and keeps it clean and presentable for years to come. Whether you have grandkids who drop popcorn or someone places the coffee mug on the arm rest causing stains or pets that claw at the fabric tearing it, Couch Coat guarantees to safeguard the couch from it all. Pet dander is also impossible to get rid off of your couch but Couch Coat convinces to repel all stains, spills, and even pet hair to keep your couch looking new. Replacing couch cover, reupholstering or even buying a new couch is a very expensive affair and it’s not something you can do often. Couch Coat promises to come to your rescue without being expensive.

Reversible with two colors – Couch Coat declares to stay in place firmly whether you sit or even lay down on the couch but at the same time pulls off in a jiffy when you want to clean the sofa or have guests over. The quilted design of Couch Coat states to make any couch of sofa comfortable and snug to sit on and goes on practically any size and type. Couch Coat maintains to be reversible and has two stylish colors – brown and nude – so that it can go with any décor and you can get a new look by reversing it whenever you want. Couch Coat claims that it can be used not just to prevent stains and tears but can also be used as a cover to give a facelift to your worn and torn sofas. It declares to be wrinkle free and machine washable for easy cleaning.

What do I get?

You get Two Couch Coat for your couch for just $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website

3 thoughts on “Couch Coat Reviewed

  1. Worst sofa cover ever. It looks good if you don’t want to sit on the sofa. Once you (or your pet) actually sit on the sofa, the cover moves and doesn’t stay in place. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Fue comprado on line por la pagina web del anuncio de TV ,incluso habla de la variante de lovseat y no da la opcion de comprarlo ,gracias a Dios que no lo compre.

  3. El producto es verdaderamente pesimo, nada que ver con el anuncio de TV no alcanza la medida de un sofa standar de 69 pulgadas y lo anuncian por 92 ,da la apariencia de un mueble viejo e inservible ,da pena poner eso sobre un sofa medianamente bueno porque lo convierte en algo desechable ,una total desilusion ,no lo recomiendo para nada,dinero perdido….

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