Color Magic Candle Review

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Like every home owner you pay a lot of attention to your interiors because you know they say a lot about you. You want them done up just according to your tastes and they can make a big impression on your visitors as well. And there’s something so charming and elegant about candles, which add a special touch to your surroundings. What if you were told that you can now get a candle that can change colour according to your decor? Yes, Color Magic Candle is that ideal addition to your surroundings because it can adapt its colour to match your decor.

How does Color Magic Candle Work

Color Magic Candle is that revolutionary candle that will go on to add that dash of glamour to your surroundings and what’s more, without affecting the aesthetics of your interiors. If anything, it will only add to it by fitting in with the colour scheme of your decor. And did we also mention the fact that it’s a flame free candle, which means it’s extremely safe too. The secret of Color Magic Candle is the path breaking colour metric technology and thanks to it the colour at the base of the candle can be sensored.

Color Magic Candle then goes on to mimic that colour so that it matches beautifully well with your interiors. That’s what makes it one of a kind candle that it available for you today. And importantly it will also flicker like a real candle to give you that perfect elegant feeling of having lit a candle in your surroundings. Color Magic Candle also makes the most of the super efficient LED Technology that can last over 100,000 hours, which makes it a brilliant cost effective solution for you. You won’t be wasting money on the old style candles anymore.

Adding that smart touch to your interiors has never been easier and Color Magic Candle can do the job for you. You can also use the Color Magic Candle outdoors and it can leave a mark on your patio, gardens etc. This candle will make things cosy, sleek and stylish.



What do I get?
2 Color Magic Candles for just $12.99 + $13.98 S/h. Official website



Color Magic Candle Video

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