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About ClearBell

ClearBell maintains to be a doorbell that enables audio and video interaction with whoever is at the door. It asserts to alert you even when you’re outstation.


How does ClearBell work?

The HD camera and two-way speaker system of ClearBell states to connect with WiFi network so that you can see and interact with the person at the door from any smart device.


Doorbell with audio video interaction
The revolutionary doorbell ClearBell guarantees to keep you safe by enabling audiovisual interaction with whoever’s at the door. Installing in just minutes, it emphasizes to let intruders think you’re home even when you’re not. Let’s wait for ClearBell user reviews to know more. ClearBell’s adjustable motion sensor declares to detect movement, triggers the camera, and sends an alert to the device. Its remote activation feature claims to let you see who’s at the door even if you’re outside or outstation. There are no user reviews of ClearBell to corroborate this.


Clear audiovisuals at night
The HD camera proclaims to give a wide angle view to help you keep an eye on what’s going on around your house. The infrared LED sensors of ClearBell allege to give you a clear picture and sound even at night. Let’s analyze ClearBell’s user reviews before believing these claims.

ClearBell REVIEW

ClearBell review complains that in spite of following the instructions and online video, it wouldn’t connect to the wireless network, even though the signal is great and other devices connect. ClearBell took two hours trying to work, which was disappointing.

ClearBell review says that it’s not a good product and a regular doorbell is better. The picture quality and voice interaction are bad, and ClearBell is a complete nuisance. One must save money on this.

ClearBell review exposes it for not having detailed instructions on the website, as claimed by the User Guide. It doesn’t have a different notification from telephone ring when someone rings the bell. There is no unique audio notification when the motion detector detects movement and takes a picture. It’s not clear on the bell where one should push for the doorbell. Though ClearBell connects to the internet, it can be hacked into since it is not protected by internal security. ClearBell is not easy to mount the bell on stucco or brick wall since the screws are designed to mount on wood or vinyl and not into a recessed circle. The heads of the screws included in the box do not fit in the hanging hole on the back of the chime. ClearBell app VueBell drains the phone battery very quickly – Android Turbo battery that otherwise lasts for over 36 hours drains in just eight hours.

ClearBell review criticizes it for difficult installation.

ClearBell review states that the unit is constructed with cheap-looking plastic.

ClearBell review reveals that before installing the bell, it was tested indoors. Even though installing was simple, the app constantly crashes when notifications are sent to the phone. Thus, one couldn’t answer the doorbell, making the bell useless.

ClearBell review discloses that the app is basic when working. One cannot define zones for the motion sensor.

ClearBell review calls its quality terrible, worse old VGA cameras, while the voice communication is average.

ClearBell review points out that it’s strange that the instructions advise not to expose the unit to rain, since it’s an outdoor doorbell.

ClearBell review calls it out for not having web interface for the bell or support for RTSP or ONVIF standards and hence you can’t use a different app such as Tinycam for camera management. Because of this limitation, you are dependent on cloud service of an unidentified company.

ClearBell review assesses that one cannot do a factory reset, manage, or remove your VueBell online account.

ClearBell review says that after two hours of testing, it was returned.

ClearBell review claims that it’s a great wireless doorbell, if the camera and the app can be ignored. The strong chime works without internet or WiFi connection. But these features are available in cheap wireless doorbells.

ClearBell review reveals that it has bugs and needs constant reprogramming, that is, taking it off the wall and going through the whole setup process.

ClearBell review says that it’s unclear to visitors where to press the doorbell and the blue bell is hard to see in daylight. A number of people had to try to figure out where to press. The vicinity alert informs when someone is at the door. After two days and many attempts to make ClearBell recognize updated WiFi with a new password, it was replaced with ring.

ClearBell review says that in case of outdoors behind, it automatically adjusts the brightness to the background, making the foreground unrecognizable. ClearBell might work well at night or if everything is shaded like in an apartment building. However, since houses have direct access to the outdoors, ClearBell is impossible to use.

ClearBell Q&A

How can I determine whether my WiFi signal strength is good for ClearBell?
The mobile app of the doorbell displays the speed. The ideal speed is greater than 120Kbps.

Is it possible to use ClearBell with multiple devices?
Yes, it can be used with multiple phones simultaneously. Once ClearBell is registered on to a phone, you can use the phone to share the system with other devices.

Does ClearBell motion detector trigger with a flag blowing on front porch?
If the flag is within 10 feet of the bell, it may trigger the motion sensor.

Does ClearBell record?
No, it does not.

Is ClearBell weatherproof?
The doorbell unit has waterproof rating IP54, so it could be used in rain. However, it must not directly be put into water. Using it in front of the house will not be a problem.

Is ClearBell camera wireless?
The bell is wireless in two ways. ClearBell camera and almost all functions connect to the internet with the home WiFi. This enables you to view live video feed and get notification from the system notifies on the smartphone when someone comes to the door or rings the doorbell. The second wireless connection is for the ringer inside the house that uses AA batteries and is connected to the outside unit.

Does ClearBell need a power supply?
There is a hardwired version of ClearBell.

Does the ClearBell app work on an Android phone?
Yes, ClearBell app supports Android as well as iOS platforms.

Is the image brightness on ClearBell adjustable? The backlit front door area makes images during daytime appear too dark.
No, image brightness cannot be adjusted.

Does ClearBell use battery or is it hardwired?
This video doorbell of ClearBell system is only hardwired. It can be directly connected with the existing AC/DC wires of the old doorbell, without facing fixed voltages and polarity issues.

Is ClearBell usable on PC?
As of now it only has an app for mobile phone and tablet. The app for PC is being developed but there is no estimate of when it will release.

Is ClearBell compatible with iPad instead of a smartphone?
Yes, any smart device, including iPhone and iPad can control the doorbell.

Does ClearBell work on 220v power?
Yes it will, but it will need a 12-24 volt transformer.

Is it possible to view the area without someone pressing the bell?
Yes. ClearBell automatically takes motion pictures 27/4 and allows you to zoom, pan, tilt fisheye camera. The doorbell is great for the reasonable price. It is possible to have a two-way conversation even when you are not at home.

How does ClearBell let me view live when I’m away from home?
With the app, one can only view when connected to a home network.
As long as there is data service, it is possible to view with the camera when you are away from home. All one needs to do is click on the camera and press play. doing this connects and watch live view.


What do I get?
ClearBell at three payments of $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H, or one single payment of $67.96.

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