Clean Step Mat Review

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If you are tired of dirty feet getting your house dirty, then you should try the Clean Step Mat. Kids’ feet and dogs’ paws could turn your home into a muddy mess. Introducing the Clean Step Mat, the incredible new miracle doormat that absorbs and traps mud from your shoes.


How does Clean Step Mat work?
With regular doormats, a lot of mud gets trapped behind in the shoe, whereas the Clean Step Mat traps mud and dirt right away. It works like a magnet.

The secret of the Clean Step Mat is the super absorbent fibers that trap the water and dirt from shoes at once. With the Clean Step Mat you do not even need to wipe your feet. All you have to do is just step on it and your shoes are clean.

You can use the mat for your front door, back door, garage door, or any other door and it works on any floor too. The mat features a latex backing to give it a grip, so it won’t slip. So, whether there is rain, snow, slush or sleet, the mat is designed to clean your feet.

Even if water spills on your mat, the super absorbent fibers of the mat soak up every drop of moisture. It keeps all floors clean and dry. The best part about these mats is that the tan color matches any kind of décor and what’s more, these mats are machine washable.

So, stop living with a muddy mess and get your Clean Step Mat so no matter who walks into your home, you will have a clean floor.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Clean Step Mats for just $19.99 + $15.98 s and h. Official Offer.


Clean Step Mat Video


36 thoughts on “Clean Step Mat Review

  1. I would like to know if the clean step mat can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner? Also after the first washing do you still wash it the same way when you wash it again with no soap?

  2. Don’t bother buying a clean step mat. I purchased one from Big W and read instructions and first time in use I slipped and smashed my wrist. Not worth spending money due to it cost more for medical treatment.


    • “clean step” mat is just a cheap Chinese imitation of what so many people buy at a home show, trade show, or fair, and are very happy with. The one step mud mat is the original from England with a neoprene backing, not rubber.
      The mats must be vacuumed thoroughly and washed prior to use. Washing the mat once a week when the weather is bad is the suggestion. Or if the weather is not, just vacuum or shake out the dry debris. Another cheap version as in cheaply made not cheap in price, by any means is also available at Costco, when they do a live demo. Again the back is rubber and WILL fall apart the first couple of times it is washed.

  3. Clean Step Mat is a piece of junk. Washed and had to run it thru spin cycle 3 times. Still came out soaked. then put it dryer using air fluff and still soaked. Will put back in dryer with more heat but what a waste of time. Don’t buy!!!!!!

  4. Have two of these and they are the best rugs ever! Just walk across and all dirt and moisture com off, even the dog doesn’t track in anything. Going to buy two more!

  5. Purchased direct from Clean Step Mat. Washed prior to use as directed, backing coming off and flaking. Called for refund and I have to pay return shipping to get refund for this DEFECTIVE product. POOR QUALITY!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  6. I purchased Clean Step Mat and I am very happy with the product and highly recommend it! I have a Labrador Retriever and am so pleased about having no more muddy floors! I recommend purchasing this product. Perhaps the person who made the comment about what a scam this product is didn’t read the directions. It states in a bold, printed flyer that came rolled up inside the product to wash the product without detergent the first time and let it hang dry. The flyer also explained this would allow the product to perform at its best and the product might not be as effective if this process wasn’t done before the first use.

  7. I stumbled upon this Clean Step mat in Bed, Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago. Jokingly I said “it’s got a dog on it so it must work”, and purchased one. I have 2 Samoyed and 1 Sheltie dogs at my house and when it rains my floors are a muddy/wet mess as you can imagine. I got the mat home, washed it, hung it on my clothesline to dry, and when dry I put it in front of my pet-doggie door. Well, the skies have opened up since then and you would not believe how clean my floors have stayed. This mat has worked wonderfully for me. I haven’t re-washed it because it’s been so wet/muddy outside that I would rather keep the matt down to catch the dirt instead of washing it just so it’s clean again. It seems that so many people are dissatisfied with this item but I love it!!

  8. Way too many scams like this are being allowed on TV . Should be a rule or law, that the TV station tries and tests these products relyability before running their ads on network stations…as is, I’m thinking the TV stations are sharing in the stolen profits.. Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to report the True Facts of the products you recieved and have taken the money loss..I certailny will not order this product due to the false claims they show on the video.

  9. I bought two and love them. My husband said he saw a floor runner size one but I haven’t been able to find it. I highly recommend this product.

      • The rug has worked well for me too. I am trying to order the runner as well but I cant find it for sale either.

        • EXCELLENT! IF you follow the directions and wash first it is the best mat I have ever found. 3 dogs largest one 120 lbs and a mud puddle outside almost constantly had dirt on rug. Now I don’t! Granted it is heavy to wash and long to dry but worth it. Looking for another 24×36 size. Not sure if runner would be too much for washer

  10. This Clean Step Mat is absolute garbage. I purchased at a Walgreens so at least avoided shipping costs. It is quite small to begin with. I followed washing instructions. It doesn’t even get the wet off your shoes with persistent wiping let alone when you just step on it. 100% waste of money from any angle. Disgusting that anyone would market this, wouldn’t be worth it even at the dollar store!

  11. I have the “original” One Step Dirt Trapper Matt and Yes it does work. I got mine at a Home Show in Virginia. They are made in the UK. You will love it! I have a German Shepard (huge) his paws are always wet and muddy especially this time of the year. He steps on the mat as he comes in the house and all the mess stays on the mat and not my carpet. As for my 3 kids, they would never take the time to wipe their shoes off on the outside mat, so they tracked mud all over the house like kids do. Since I have had the One Step Dirt Trapper Mat I dont have to worry about it any more. It has been amazing. I tell all my friends. You have to try it to believe it. Don’t be fooled by the generics, you get what you pay for. They can be ordered through Sun Products of Middletown Oh. 937-609-6613

  12. Wow I’m so glad I checked these reviews before buying, what a rip-off!! Does anyone know of anything out there that DOES work? I’ve got 2 dogs who are constantly tracking mud and dirt into the house.

    • I bought my Clean Step Mat at the Lancaster county fair and I love it. It is called the original dirt trapper mat and it does work, this is the best mat that I have ever bought. I have a big dog and when it rains he will bring in so much mud, and he’s wet. Another thing I also love the way it works with the freshly mowed grass the dog loves to walk with the mower,it’s crazy … and yes he and the mower brings in grass but now it’s on the mat and not in the house…And I also have a mat under the litter box we have 3 cats. This mat is not what you find in BED AND BATH nor is it from WALMART IT’S MADE IN ENGLAND….this is the mat you want…THE COMPANY NAME IS SUN PRODUCTS,P.O. BOX 555 MIDDLETOWN,OHIO…45042 (937-609-6613).

    • The one I bought at Bed Bath Beyond I love. Idk where these other people got theirs with thin backing but this one is very heavy and has been washed 3 or 4 times, delicate, cold, no detergent, no problem

  13. I ordered the 2 Deluxe Clean Step mats in April for a total of $55.97. It took over two months to get the mats. There was a WARNING enclosed with the mats that states they must be washed in cold water with no detergent and hung dry before use, which I did. They absolutely do not work. I even put the two mats together in order to give the dog more walking room before he stepped onto the floor and still there is mud and dirt all over the floor. Do not buy this product – it is a total rip off!!

  14. I received my mats after a long wait. Washed exactly as directed before use. Mats did not survive simple no detergent wash on delicate cycle! The backing which is extremely thin was coming of in several spots on all 3 mats! Very disappointing. Company wanted proof, so I emailed pictures to them. They said the could not open the pictures attachments. I re-emailed them individually, they said they could not open them! I emailed them to 4 friends, with 3 different email addresses and all could open them! They have be dodging me with this problem, so I called them again. Threatened to have my credit card company to remove it from my bill. They all of a sudden offered a refund, with free return shipping.

  15. I order this Clean Step Mat at least 2 months ago and it just arrived yesterday. What a piece of junk. I do not know if it works but it looks like a small piece of carpet that has been hand cut. The ends are not finished nor are they straight. This crap is mass produced in China for pennies. I’m sending this crap back. After they tacked on shipping and handing it cost me $37.00. For this kind of money I can do better. It’s sad to see the amount of greed in this country today. What a ripoff, even if it does work, its not worth the money!

  16. I was intrigued with the Clean Step Mat commercial, and was about to order. I had a feeling I should check to see if there was any forum out there regarding this product. I am so glad I did. It doesn’t look like I will be getting this product unless I can get it directly out of a store. So thanks to all of you who took the time to share with us your stories of waiting 6 months then finally getting a cancel notice. Good luck on getting your money back!

  17. Appears to be a pattern as I placed an order then recieved a phone call pushing for upgade and shortly after declining upgrade recieved email product was on back order. Now six months later they are imforming me the order is cancelled? I reported it as a fraud charge!

  18. I, too, had ordered the Clean Step Mat on March 8th. About a week after I placed the initial order I did get a call to advise me with a heavy pitch for additional products included. I finally emailed the company and they claimed that they were on “backorder” and were “expected” to be in around the 24th of June. I replied requesting my order be cancelled and confirmation emailed back to me which they did, but I will still keep an eye on my credit card statement.

  19. Ordered the Clean Step Mats about 6 months ago. They kept telling me they were on back order. Just got an email that said they have canceled the order. Something is rotten in Denmark!

  20. The commercial says it is washable. It seems durable. I would love to know if it really works. We have 4 dogs that love the mud that often accumulates in our back yard. We need something like this.

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