Buzz Light

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What is Buzz Light?

Nobody like flies and mosquitoes because they are bothersome, carry dangerous and infectious diseases and prevents you from enjoying the outdoors. But now there is an effective way to get rid of those annoying bugs and insects that take away the joy of being outside. Here’s introducing the Buzz Light, a powerful LED bug zapper designed with an LED light that attracts flying insects into its electrical grid and eliminates them on contact.


How does Buzz Light work?
The super bright 75 watt LED light attracts bugs and insects from up to 500 feet away. Simply install Buzz Light in your home and say goodbye to itching and biting.


Easy to use and install
Buzz Light is very easy to use and install. Simply replace any existing bulb with Buzz Light and the powerful 75 watt bulb attracts bugs and zaps them dead instantly!


Perfect for all insects and bugs
Buzz Light is designed to zap flies, mosquitoes, and any insect with wings.


Safe to use
Buzz Light is 100% safe to use and is free of chemicals too!


Long Lasting
Buzz Light will last for up to 50000 hours!
Order the Buzz Light bug zapper today and start enjoying the outdoors again!

Buzz Light Reviews

According to the Buzz Light reviews, when Buzz Light was screwed into the light socket and when the lights were turned on, the front of it popped right off and broke under its own weight exposing two wires.

Installed Buzz Light in a sheltered outdoor fixture in a sheltered outdoor location, and it kept falling apart. After a couple of days the plastic half dome fell off the bottom and the electronic innards were left dangling out. Put the electronics back into place and screwed the dome back on but the next morning, it was back in the same state.

The Buzz Light bug zap only worked for a while and the regular LED light cover popped off after a couple months. It probably can’t handle the stress/strain of large temperature changes. Even though Buzz Light was kept inside a covered porch the cheap plastic doesn’t seem to be able to handle it.

Buzz Light over-heated the first night and the ED cap warped and fell off. The LEDs are on a circuit board that melt the light cap, and, result in the board itself hanging by connecting wires right out of the socket. Buzz Light is a great concept but poorly executed.

First day of using the Buzz Light it killed two mosquitoes, after that it didn’t do much. Left it on for 2 weeks every night and nothing happened. Plastic cover for LED fell off leaving exposed electrical wiring. The poorly made ultra-violet light lasted only 1 ½ months. It has a very cheap plastic covering the light part. Broke off after a few weeks itself from the heat of the bulb and will not stay back on.

The mosquitoes were not attracted to the light in any mode. (Indoor or Outdoor)
The bottom lens melted off in the outdoor heat and separated from the unit.

Buzz Light only really kills moths and bigger bugs. Buzz Light does not kill fruit flies or flies. Buzz Light is a major disappointment for the price.

Buzz Light killed very few bugs. Light is weak. The light part itself dangles from the bulb and the plastic globe piece fell all the way off.

Buzz Light Questions & Answers

Q. How do you turn on the LED & UV light together or individually?
A. Simply switch the light on to turn on both the LED and the UV light. Switch the light back off and on again, and within 10 seconds, only the UV light turns on.

Q. Does Buzz Light work for fruit flies and flies?
A. Yes, Buzz Light works for fruit flies and gnats. The zapper is in the middle of the bulb, so the dead insects fall onto the bottom of the bulb. There is a free brush in the package that is used to brush them out into the trash occasionally.

Q. Can you turn just the light on without the UV?
A. Yes, and it’s quite bright. You can turn just the light, just the zapper or both.

Q. Does Buzz Light make a “zapping” sound or is it silent?
A. Buzz Light claims to be silent.

Q. Will Buzz Light work in a lamp sitting vertical facing up?
A. Yes

Q. Does Buzz Light work during the daytime?
A. It will help a little if you put the Buzz Light back in the shade like under a roofed patio, but it won’t compete with the sun.

Q. Which light of the Buzz Light kills mosquitoes?
A. The light in the middle with the protective grid kills mosquitoes. According to the description the neo light will attract the mosquitoes.

Q. Can Buzz Light be used with a motion sensor fixture?
A. Yes it can be used.

Q. Does Buzz Light have enough power to kill a wasp or a bee?
A. Buzz Light is best for smaller flying insects, such as gnats, moths, and mosquitoes. It would provide some coverage during the day if placed 10-15 feet into a shade.

Q. Can this bulb get rain when outside?
A. No. It does need some protection from the weather.

Q. Will Buzz Light work in a ceiling fan with the light part off but the fan part still going?
A. No, the “light part” will need to be on.

Q. What is the longevity of the light bulbs of the Buzz Light?
A. 40,000 hours is the expected life of the bulb.

Q. Does Buzz Light work all day/night and what is the coverage area?
A. The bulb works for around a 500 sq/ft area. It won’t compete with the sun, but will help some in a shaded area during the day and the UV light is best left on all night.

Q. Does the light come in warm white temperature?
A. The Cool White version is similar to a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

Q. What is the actual width of the biggest part of the bulb of the Buzz Light?
A. Not sure, but it is 3 1/8 inches wide.

Q. Will Buzz Light help repel or kill flies during the day?
A. Buzz Light works for flying insects during the day if placed about 10-15 into the shade. If you have a large fly problem, a 15 watt bug zapper would work better. The Buzz Light is 1 watt.

Q. Is Buzz Light good for exterior applications?
A. Yes. Buzz Light works great on the porch. The LED bulb does excellent with the soft white lighting and it’s very bright, it makes it feel like its day time at night.


What do I get?
Buy one Buzz Light just for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H and
TWO Buzz Lights for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H + $9.99 Fee

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