Bump Shield Review

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All home owners try and take all the measures possible to ensure they keep their homes safe. Yet, you hear of home invasion and crime stories in what were once considered to be extremely safe neighbourhoods. The safety of your loved ones is important to you and you also want to make sure your precious belongings remain secure too. That’s why; you try to doubly ensure that your house is locked when you step out every time. However criminals can still get access to your living space through what’s called lock bumping. And Bumpshield is what you need to keep your home truly secure, especially against instances of lock bumping.


Bump Shield
According to some reports there’s a home invasion in the US in about every 22 seconds. Such statistics tend to make you feel unsafe in your own surroundings and matters are made a lot worse when you realize that instances of forced entry in homes through lock bumping are on the rise. That’s the reason this product was created and it works effectively against the nuisance of lock bumping. It ensures that if such a thing occurs, the door will be held shut and thus your home will be well protected.

Another problem with lock bumping is that criminals have a special key with which they can get instant access into your home. What’s worse is they leave behind no sign of forced entry. But now you can put your mind at rest knowing your loved ones and belongings are safe from this menace because you have Bump shield installed at home. This must have product for your home is easy to use and you can install it yourself quite simply too. The patent pending hinged design is at the heart of this brilliant product, which is made out of durable stainless steel. Thus you know it will keep protecting your home for a long time to come.

Bring Bump shield home and get yourself much needed peace of mind.



What do I get?
You can get two Bumpshields for $10 plus shipping and handling charge at www.bumpshield.com



Bump Shield Video
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8 thoughts on “Bump Shield Review

  1. The idea is neat, but I have witnessed many a door kick, and that would not stop anyone i know. My real question is, how do you set this so you can get in yourself?

    • From watching the video, you can only secure it from the inside cause you have to move the hinged part over which locks it. If your locking your door from the outside, you can’t move the locking part over to the locking position.

  2. Oh nice. Moderation. Well I guess that means my comment won’t see the light of day, since these sites are nothing but shills.

  3. This product is a total joke. First of all it is nothing more than a flimsy piece of stamped steel. This means it offers ZERO protection against force-in or kick-in entry. The thing just breaks.

    Second of all, burglars normally strike while you’re out. It’s pretty tough to set the stupid thing from the outside. So that means it’s absolutely useless against a bump attack while you are out.

    It’s a complete piece of shit. Don’t waste your money.

    • Looks like an interesting product, from what I have read a lot of home invasions occur while you are at home so it make sense. I have heard stories where thieves break in while homeowners are home so they can lead them to their valuables & use their ATM card. Works for me!!

  4. Once you have used said bump shield…that you’ve flipped so that no one can get in…how do you get in when you get home???

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