BugMesh Magnetic Door Screen Review

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Do you have bugs and flies invading your home? The BugMesh Screen will keep them out. BugMesh Screen is an instant magnetic door screen that lets fresh air in and keeps the bugs out. It closes automatically behind you. The secret is in the durable BugMesh material. The annoying bugs are stopped but not harmed, and the environment stays safe.


How does BugMesh Magnetic Door Screen work?
It works as a hands free entry and exit door with its 18 strategically designed magnetic clamps. This way your guests, pets, and children can walk right through as the BugMesh magnetic screen automatically snaps shut behind.

Save money while enjoying the beauty of fresh air. Don’t be irritated by annoying bugs anymore.

BugMesh Screen Features:

  • BugMesh material screen
  • Magnetic door screen
  • Hands free entry and exit
  • Automatically snaps closed
  • Installs in minutes
  • Usable on single doors, French doors and sliding glass doors
  • No tools, no hassles, no damage to doorframes
  • Pets and children can let themselves in and out
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Strong
  • Durable

No more slamming of doors and accidentally leaving doors open. You can move it door to door, home to home. It works great for holiday homes too. You can use it all the year round or store it away for use when the season requires it. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable cost as compared to other insect screens.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Only 5 easy payments of $9.99 ($49.95) + $14.95 p&h



Reviews and Complaints
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BugMesh Magnetic Door Screen Video
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7 thoughts on “BugMesh Magnetic Door Screen Review

  1. Can someone tell me what has happened to online review sites? There was a time when you could go online and look for reviews of various products that you were interested in. But the experience I had recently looking for reviews of Bug Mesh Magnetic Door Screen was absolutely appalling. There are no genuine review sites about products besides yours. All these other sites had Buy Now tab, which I clicked on and then it started. I was led to another website, which was trying to sell me the product. But all I wanted to know was if Bug Mesh Magnetic Door Screen was everything it was supposed to be and if any users had something to say about it.

    • Yes things have changed a lot in recent times because these fake review sites have come up all over the Internet. They are not interested in offering you reviews of products; all they want is to make money trying to sell these products. Affiliate marketers get huge commissions on sales they generate for manufacturers through these sites. And search engines have been ineffective in checking this problem till date, which makes matters worse.

  2. I am so glad I saw this review site. I ALMOST bought the magic mesh because of the offer of buy one get one free. I listen to my gut and thought this is got to be too good to be true. I decided to good with a place that is known world wide. I got my bug off screen from home depot. There were two kinds to choose from and all the information was on their site, like size, etc. IT WORKS GREAT!!!

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