Buddy Light LED lantern

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Light is the most important part of our lives and to make sure that it is always available handy in time of need we keep torches and lamps. LED lights have been one of the most talked about lights in new age and Buddy Light is one such promising LED light lantern. It is important that emergency lights are handy and don’t need lighting of candles or the need to hold like flashlights. Buddy Light’s manufacturers guarantee to get rid of both the issues by making it a flexible one touch lantern that is ready to use whenever you would need it.

How does Buddy Light LED lantern Work

Buddy Light claims to be the most flexible way of lighting up a place in emergency or for mood. Its selling point says it has the capacity to be used as both tabletop lantern or can be used as a hanging lantern courtesy its specially crafted design. LED lights used in Buddy Light are said to have the capacity to be brighter than filament bulbs and at the same time it is said to last longer too. Plus the decorative Buddy Light lantern is also appealing with its suave design for lighting up the porch or the dinner table.

Buddy Light promises to deliver two way usages not only with its design for placement but also with its 2 different light settings. One light setting is the Super Bright White Light and another is Soft Red Night Light for making the bedroom cozy. Buddy Light is supposed to operate easily since it only needs touch of a button to switch it on or off which is available in an accessible way on its body. Buddy Light thus promisingly claims to be the perfect 2 way LED light lantern to illuminate through darkness or be the perfect light décor.




What do I get?

  • 2 Buddy Light 2 way LED lantern

All this for just $10 plus $15.9 P&H Official website buybuddylight.com



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