Breezie Bladeless Fan

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What is Breezie Hand-Stand Bladeless Fan

It is a bladeless fan that claims to offer you cool and soothing stream of air anywhere.

Do you endure those hot summer months with a lot of suffering that comes along with it? Are you concerned about the comfort of your loved ones when they struggle with the heat at home, especially when there are power outages? Are you looking for means to keep your cool when you are out and about? Breezie Bladeless Fan claims to have the answers to all these questions. Breezie Bladeless Fan suggests that it can be the way for you to stay cool and feel refreshed no matter where you are.

Breezie Bladeless Fan promises to help you play it cool when you are out and about in those hot summer months or relaxing at home for that matter. You know the hot months can become the bane of your existence and you want to have the cool comfort wherever you might be. Breezie Bladeless Fan emphasizes on the fact that it can help you and your loved ones stay cool.

How does Breezie Bladeless Fan Work

The highlight of the Breezie Bladeless Fan is the fact that it can be powered by battery or USB connection. Thus you can use it when you are away from a regular power source or when there are power outages too. To use the Breezie Bladeless Fan with the USB, you can plug in the cord on the side of the fan. The USB end can then be plugged into a computer, laptop or any other outlet for that matter. The Breezie Bladeless Fan will do its job of cooling things down for you instantly.

One of the features of Breezie Bladeless Fan is the angled back, which can be adjusted so that you can direct the breeze towards you at all times. And the fact that the fan is bladeless means you can use it safely with young ones and pets at home. You can also use the cooling sponge with the Breezie Bladeless Fan so as to activate its Cool Breeze feature. The sponge can be dampened and frozen in a shape that fits the fan. You can then place it in the Breezie Bladeless Fan with modest amount of fragrance to let it work as an air freshener too.

Works as a handheld fan too

Imagine being out on a sports field watching your favourite team play or being out shopping for groceries. The heat can get to you quite easily. At times like these Breezie Bladeless Fan comes to your rescue because it can work as a handheld fan that gives you a cool stream of air. At the same time, Breezie Bladeless Fan can be placed on the specially designed mount. You can change its angle as per your comfort level and get cool air wherever you want.


Safe to use

The fact that it’s bladeless is the highlight of this fan. That means you can use Breezie Bladeless Fan anywhere around the house without having to worry about your little ones hurting their fingers in the blades. If you have pets at home you will not have to think about them getting tangled at any point too. Another advantage of using Breezie Bladeless Fan is that it doesn’t have that unpleasant buffeting sound of fan blades. Thus you will stay cool and keep it cool without the irritating noise too.

Energy Efficient

Breezie Bladeless Fan runs on 4 AAA batteries and stresses on the fact that it uses only half the energy of a conventional fan. You also have the option of powering it with USB connection thanks to the USB cord, to get the most out of it.


What do I get?
1 Breezie Bladeless Fan | Price – $19.99. Official Website


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