Bowl Brite

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What is Bowl Brite

It is a night light that claims to know when you are coming into the bathroom and whether the seat is up or down.
Bowl Brite asserts that it can be the right solution for you at nights when you want to go to the bathroom but don’t want to switch on the bright light. It’s one of the common problems many of us face because once that harsh, bright light is turned on then you find it hard to go back to sleep. Bowl Brite promises to help you in this regard by being the only bathroom light you will ever need.

Bowl Brite and its secret

Bowl Brite emphasizes on the fact that it knows when you come into the bathroom and if the seat is down or up. It can do that because of its special motion detection system that turns the light on when you get into the bathroom. Once you have left it, the light will be shut off automatically. Bowl Brite also promises to let you know if the toilet seat is up or down. When the seat is down you will have a green light, while it will be red when the seat is up.


Bowl Brite is convenient for use at home

Bowl Brite stresses on the fact that it attaches to any toilet seat with ease and in hardly any time. You don’t need any professional help or special tools to get the job done. Once it is set in place, it will keep doing its job for years to come, according to its claims. Bowl Brite guarantees you complete comfort and also makes sense if you have small kids at home. The soothing light won’t hurt their eyes and they can use the bathroom without having to reach the switches.

Bowl Brite is an energy efficient solution

As mentioned earlier, Bowl Brite works on motion detection technology, which is how it saves energy on a regular basis. Thus it can become the right solution not only for your pocket but the environment as well. Moreover it also claims to thus extend battery life, which is an added advantage. Bowl Brite asserts that it has been specially created to not only offer you convenience but good returns on your investment too. That’s because it’s been built to last, giving you your money’s worth and more.

What do I get?

You get two Bowl Brite for $10 pus $6.99 S&H.Official website


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