BlissLights Spright Green

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What is BlissLights Spright Green: It is a laser projector light that can add a wondrous look and feel to your surroundings.


BlissLights Spright Green can help you create that perfect ambience around your house for any special occasion. There are times like the festive season or a special event, party you are hosting at home and you are looking to add that glitzy but elegant touch to your surroundings. You can efficiently do that with the help of decorative lights. But you want nothing but the best and BlissLights Spright Green claims to be the right option for you.

BlissLights Spright Green works with a laser projector

That’s meant to be a highlight of this light that beams thousands of pin points of green light on the chosen area. Thus it can convert your garden into a sparkling wonderland that will help you make a dazzling impact. It can be used for the holiday season or for a special party, celebration you have at home. Moreover BlissLights Spright Green makes the most of laser, holographic and lighting technology to give you professional quality results according to its claims.

BlissLights Spright Green is very easy to operate

For professional quality lighting like this you don’t have to go through any tricky installations. You simply plug it in, stake it in and the results are there for all to be seen. BlissLights Spright Green is meant to be quite versatile as well and can be brought indoors to add a special dimension to your interiors as well.

BlissLights Spright Green has helpful features

Like the fact that the energy consumption is quite low and the laser rates for 7000 hours of operation on an average. It also covers 58 sq m of area according to its claims. Moreover it is outdoor rated for -26 degree Celsius as well. That’s what makes BlissLights Spright Green a smart solution for that cold holiday season.

BlissLights Spright Green is built to last

Sturdy metal construction of the light is meant to ensure that you get the best out of it for years to come. BlissLights Spright Green also comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, which means you can keep things beautifully lit up for times to come.


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