Better Brella Review

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What is Better Brella? It is an innovative umbrella with reverse open close technology that promises to keep you dry wherever you go.

Better Brella asserts that it’s the easiest way for you to stay dry and get in from the heavy rain. With Better Brella you can get in and out of any door without getting wet. The secret of this umbrella is the fact that it has turned the traditional umbrella inside out and upside down to offer you a convenient solution. But whether it really keeps you dry we will find out after going through Better Brella reviews.

Better Brella REVIEW

George Willey writes in his Better Brella review that it is a good concept but has poor quality. When they opened their umbrella there was a tear in its top layer and seemed to be constructed with poor quality. They returned it for a full refund.

William Morrison who used the Better Brella says in his review that the double layer cuts into the dome so taller people need to hold the umbrella a little higher, which causes strain because of prolonged use if they have to walk longer distance. Charles Robbins in his Better Brella review says that Better Brella works well as an umbrella, has good size, and opens and shuts easily. They add that the alternative design of the umbrella might make one want to buy this. One of the advantages is that the inverted opening and shutting does not turn inside out by wind and just closes. Because the underside of the umbrella is exposed when closed, the umbrella does not wet a user or others on public transportation, and the umbrella can stand on its own to dry. According to John Kempthorne who reviewed the Better Brella umbrella – it has good construction but its rain or sun protection is questionable since the material is very thin.

William Bennett finds the design sensible on stormy days when the umbrella inverts due to strong winds and breaks making you wet. This umbrella is meant to invert to let you open it again and save yourself from the rain. According to another reviewer Kacey Andrus the design is a brilliant idea for stepping out of a vehicle when it’s raining. Traditional umbrellas need you to open the vehicle door wide enough for the umbrella, which exposes you and the car interior to rainwater. But the inverted umbrella needs you to open it just enough to get the closed umbrella out so it keeps you dryer. Similarly, another customer Jim Lyon in his Better Brella review says that the inverted umbrella allows you to close it as you want into a building unlike regular umbrellas.

Justin Allen who used the Better Brella umbrella says in his review that the best feature of the umbrella is that the water and wet layer stays on the inside of the closed umbrella to prevent wet clothes or car seat. The umbrella closing inside out lets stand it up and drain out in a small space without the need to open to dry it out. However, they add that it is not a golf-sized umbrella and a wider circumference would have been better.

The umbrella may have a tear in the top (outer) layer. It is not made very well. It lacks quality – Quotes Frank Carlson in his review.

Martha Ray in her Better Brella review reveals that one of the drawbacks to this “INVERTED UMBRELLA” design are that the double layer cuts into the dome which means if you are on the taller side, you might have hold the umbrella a little higher than you may normally use to. If you have to go farther distances using the umbrella, it adds a little more strain from the prolonged use.

Jane Martz in her Better Brella review mentions that as an umbrella, Better Brella works fine. It opens and closes easily and is a good size. Speaking to the alternative design of the umbrella, there are three key points of difference that might sway one to purchase this or not. First, the inverted opening and closure will not be turned inside out by the wind, it will just close. Also because the underside of the umbrella is exposed when closed, you don’t have to worry about getting others or yourself wet on public transportation and lastly it can stand on its own to dry.

Sam Minner is not too optimistic about the Better Brella. In his review he says Better Brella is well constructed, however its ability to protect in the rain/sun is doubtful since the material for both layers are really thin.

Ruth Walker is happy with her purchase of Better Brella, in her review she says you will absolutely love this umbrella because it is such an incredible idea and improvement to something that has been round for a long time.

Christine Brewer explains in her review that Umbrellas like Better Brella are problematic on really stormy days when the wind catches them and inverts them, almost always breaking them and leaving you getting wet and exposed to the storm. With an inverted umbrella, one of the bonuses is if it inverts, it is meant to do that so you simply open it again and continue to stay dry.

Watson Moore in his Better Brella review says getting in/out of your vehicle always requires you to open the door wide enough to get the umbrella to open and cover you, exposing you and the vehicle to the elements. With the inverted concept, you merely need an opening wide enough to get the closed umbrella out, push up and it opens, keeping you and the umbrella dryer than normal!

Eugene Cole mentions in his review that when you walk into a building you need to close your Better Brella umbrella and get in to avoid getting wet. The inverted umbrella allows you to just close it as you walk in quickly.

Jay Spellman is happy with the Better Brella. He says in his review that the greatest part of the Better Brella umbrella being inverted is that the water and wet fabric is on the inside of the closed umbrella leaving you with no wet clothes or car seat, etc. Additionally, the umbrella closing this way allows you to stand it up when closed so the water just drains out in a small space, no opening needed to dry it out. It is an umbrella definitely recommended. The only thing negative about this umbrella is that it is not a golf sized umbrella.

Better Brella CLAIMS

It opens and closes differently – Better Brella turns the regular umbrella on its head because it opens and closes differently. That’s what makes it completely practical and a lot easier to use. Once you have closed the Better Brella it makes a waterproof cone to ensure that water stays inside and there’s no mess to mop up from the floor later. These seem like tall claims that will have to be verified after analyzing Better Brella reviews. We hope Better Brella reviews will also tell us whether it really offers you the easiest way to get in from the rain.

Stay dry wherever you go – How often have you walked out in heavy rains with your traditional umbrella and got back home completely drenched? Better Brella stresses that it won’t happen again and you will stay dry wherever you go. Better Brella also maintains that it is completely wind proof and will stay in place offering you cover when things get windy. This highly functional umbrella is also stylish and available in cool red, black and blue colors for you. Better Brella reviews can tell us more about its various features and whether it’s a stylish option for you.


What do I get?
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41 thoughts on “Better Brella Review

  1. I did not buy my Brella from the TV but at a well respected business and after 3 uses I could not get it to latch open. Had to keep my hand up at the top to keep it open and avoid the rain. So I went and bought 2 more and the same problem occurred ! I loved it when it worked especially so as not to get water in my car or on my packages as I got into the car but I won’t waste my money again I’m sorry to say. Do not buy !!

  2. My Brella broke the first time I used it. Poor quality. Unfortunately I used it the first time well beyond the 30 day return policy. And now I can’t get ahold of customer service via the internet to address my concerns.

  3. Save your money and DO NOT BUY. I received two and when the weather dictated I used one. Initially it would not open. After getting thoroughly soaked it opened and provided shelter while walking to the store. When I got to the store it would not close!


  4. Thanks for these reviews; they’re very helpful. BetterBrella looked good in the TV ad, but is obviously a defective product being sold over and over again. What a scam! Someone should go after them with a team of lawyers before they leave the country laughing all the way to the bank. I didn’t buy it thanks to these reviews.

  5. Only IDIOTS and FOOLS buy anything advertised on TV and ordered by phone or The Internet with “automated” processes, and without checking reviews online first. Grow brains, people.

  6. I purchased the BetterBrella this past summer and as I was walking into work in the rain on tonight the Brella fell out of my hand onto the ground and I was left holding the handle. It jus broke, so needless to say I was cold and wet. Now I’m without an umbrella and no way to get in touch with anyone. Do Not Buy.

  7. I saw the convincing TV commercial with people getting into cars and buildings quickly and dryly, so I checked the reviews first and got 34 out of 34 negative comments here from 2016 to 2018. So no purchase. Waiting for someone to get it right: functioning product, material quality, order shipment and bona fide return potential. Anyone?

  8. I had purchased one of the large better Brella. I then purchased three more. One large and two small ones. Only one of them broke after the first use. I truly wished I had read these reviews before spending $100 on cheap quality umbrellas. I will be contacting Bed bath and beyond to tell them about this poor quality

  9. One of the brellas does not work. It doesn’t even open. and I cannot even get in touch with you. No telephone number no address. What kind of crazy company is this? Please let me know when you will replace my brella. Please be honest now and get in touch with me. 631-231-2003

  10. I had two of them. Both broke very quickly. It was very disappointing. I tried the customer service number quite a few times and got a busy signal.

  11. Worse ever umbrella . I used it about 4 times . I walked outside and it flipped wrong way i tried to move it and then the handle broke .So its in my trunk in 3 pieces . Do not buy !

  12. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. I bought a Better Brella and used it under 5 times and the handle broke completely off. I couldn’t remember where I purchased it so I looked up the company and called them. Was told no help without receipt. I offered picture of my broken umbrella but no way, no email to send a request for a review. So, I spent way to much time looking through a ton of receipts and found it. Called customer service back and was told that if I packed it up and shipped it to them they would replace it. I am not going to spend my time packaging and mailing a $20.00 item and then pay most of that in postage. Instead I looked for a way to warn fellow consumers NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT. My time was better spent.

  13. It’s hard to open.I used it for the first time this week and when I entered the store and closed it..all the rain water leaked out through the top.Left me wet a mess on the shops hardwood floor.

  14. Bought two Brellas in April. Tried using the second one for the first time yesterday. Had trouble getting it to stay up. We tried it that evening. Again wouldn’t stay up at first. Finally got it to lock but the ends turned up. Had to manually flip ends down. Then tried to unlock the Brella to close it. Finally the button went in to release it but it sounded like something broke. The umbrella wouldn’t go down hardly at all. Called the company today. Said there was only a 30 day return policy. I said only used once. She said they had no way of knowing that. The customer service lady (Wanda) said “You understand we only have a 30 day replacement policy”. I replied then you will understand why I won’t be able to recommend your product to anyone else. She hung up on me. Not only are the umbrellas made of poor quality, this customer service rep was very rude. I know others who have had to replace their umbrellas. By the way, they told me you can only replace one umbrella. I guess if you order two at once, you are out of luck if the second one is bad also. I would avoid this product. Don’t waste your money. We just did!!!

  15. I bought this umbrella with Groupon. It is poorly made. It doesn’t open smoothly and is difficult to close. It broke completely after a few uses.

  16. I received a betterbrella as a Christmas gift and it performed well enough in a light rain and no wind. Today it was drizzly and gusty winds. The “brella” turned inside out and I had a hard time closing it. Now it is a brokebackbrella. So disappointed.

  17. As a consumer advocate, I want to share observations about Better Brella. 1) While the design is brilliant, it’s not unique to this brand. 2) I see lots of complaints about the made-in-China low quality, and some have complained that the material tears easily. 3) This fits with the claim that the material is too thin. 4) The going price of the Better Brella also strikes me as being a ripoff: $30. This started out retailing around $20. 5) As a retired engineer, I see no real benefit in this design when entering/emerging from a vehicle. 6) It looks as though the umbrella itself might not dry properly if it is just closed and stored after use–and this breeds mold.

  18. I bought the umbrella and need a refund. I opened and closed it a few times to check it out and when it rained I went to use it and it hung opened, floppy!! Never even got to use it. I would have to really break it to return it since it won’t close. I ordered it from Harriet Carter, paid $19.98 plus tax $1.64.

    • May I ask, for the benefit of investigating this product: why exactly did it go “floppy” when you went to use it? Was it the ribs or the fabric?

      • I would like to see more of the Better Brella’s or any of the inside out umbrella’s to have the beautiful colors that are on the inside, be on the outside. I’ve only seen a couple that have something other than black on the outside and that was still a solid color. The insides are so pretty. In should be pretty inside and out!

    • Same happened to me. Used it only twice. Quality is a real issue. Great concept. Mine is in the garbage. The ordering process is a scam. No one to call. They take your card number and then don’t ship for weeks!! Do not bother with ordering this product.

  19. This looks interesting BUT all the commercials show that you need two hands to open/close this umbrella. So how do you use this with packages in your hands???

  20. My order was taken by an automated voice. They got the credit card # first, then took my order and added to it on their own. They didn’t give me a chance to confirm, which of course I wouldn’t because that’s not my order. I called the company the next day when thei roffice was open to say I want to send you in writing that i want to cancel the order. They said i can’t write them…no email address for anybody!! When I asked again she just hung up. I had to cancel my credit card so they can’t bill it.

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