Bell & Howell Wireless Video Doorbell Review

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Home security is a very important aspect to keep any crime from happening on a domestic level. Mostly CCTV’s are installed on the front doors and there are some security systems available for proofing your house. Apart from all these safety procedures you might end up opening the door on a door bell ring always to find out who is out there. Sometimes when you want to avoid a nosy parker or an unwanted guest it is hard to check on if it’s them or someone you would welcome home. In such cases the new in line Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell can be a life saver.


Bell & Howell Wireless Video Doorbell
Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell is a new technology that adapts wireless to connect doorbell with a video output. Its main functionality consists of checking on who is at the door. This video out helps in keeping safety from opening doors to unwanted people or to keep a check on expected guests. It simply is a two piece transmitter and a receiver where the transmitter works as a camera and the doorbell. Whenever a visitor arrives and presses the call button, the user is notified with a chime sound and a display of the visitor on its LCD. It also lets the users to communicate with the visitor for e.g. a courier or a postal service guy dropping a parcel.

Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell has a brilliant 2.4TFT LCD display to help identify visitors and even works at night with a built in night vision camera and infrared illumination using 4 IR LEDs. It also consists of a memory system to store up to 30 images where the entire visitor log is stored to check on if the user is not available to answer the bell. The most important feature of the doorbell is it does not need any hardwiring done since it uses a wireless transmission channel of 2.4GHz. It comes with a powerful range of capturing up to 450 feet i.e. line of sight for any visitors around the gate. Mounting it is simple with metal brackets which are available with the kit and runs on 4 AA rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with capacity of very low power consumption.



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4 thoughts on “Bell & Howell Wireless Video Doorbell Review

  1. Purchased the Bell & Howell, model 8553, wireless video intercom/doorbell from on 3/20/2012.

    The instructions are very sparse, not complete, and left a number of questions a new owner, unanswered. Such as: how to erase pictures on receiver, how to adjust the amount of color properly, and, most important, where to take it for repair if necessary.

    This thing costs $255.99 and $379.00 if purchased from sears on-line.!!!! When one is paying that much for anything, they should get excellent consumer service…not the run-around I have received. Even sears will not help solve the problem or answer questions about this equipment. Most of the time, I was talking to people that could not understand English.

    Never again, will I purchase anything over the internet!

  2. Review Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell

    Has anyone purchased this Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell? Is it any good?

    Is Bell Howell Wireless Video Doorbell really easy to install?

    Is it easy to operate?

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