Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Review

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Is your neighbor’s dog digging your garden, Do you hate to see stray animals making a mess of your yard, you don’t want to hurt them but also don’t want to see them in your yard – you are in a fix. What you need is the Bell & Howell’s Ultrasonic Animal Repeller that uses HUMANE high pitched sound in-audible to human ears to rid your yards of rabbits, mice, deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and even stray cats & dogs. Similar repellers are sold for $60 or more but this as seen on tv Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is available for just $19.95 + s/h.


Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

When animals come within 30 feet range of the Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, the built-in infrared motion detector activates it both in day-light and night, emitting a powerful, ultrasonic sound that sends pests scurrying for safety. The Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller can be easily mounted on any surface and also comes with its own mounting stake. The high-pitch (ultrasonic) sound us unpleasant to animals. This as seen on tv Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is weather proof and is battery operated. It does not hurt animals and is safe to use. The durable green housing lets it blend with the surroundings. Now there is no need for traps and dangerous toxic chemicals to keep pets away.



What do I get?

  • 1 Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Unit

Get your Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller for just $29.95 + $6.95 s/h. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA, NJ, NY and NV. This product is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Video


36 thoughts on “Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Review

  1. Bought one & leaked water everywhere….sealed all joints with 5 min epoxy but
    unit quit working again (within minutes) as the motion sensor cavity filled
    with water & short circuited. Don’t waste your money ……

  2. I just want to know how to turn the screamer on this thing off. We followed the directions but the minute we put it out it puts out this horrible screech we can’t get to stop, does anyone know how to shut this thing up?

  3. I happened on to this web site because I’ve been trying to find where I can buy more of the Bell & Howell Animal Repellers; the store where I originally bought mine has closed. I bought 2 of them 2 years ago, and since then rabbits have stopped eating my flowers. Perhaps it’s coincidence, but I thought I’d give what seems to be the only positive review of the product.

  4. Like so many others who bought the Bell & Howell UltraSonic animal repeller, it has NEVER worked.

    Does anyone know the address of Bell & Howell so that I can write or phone them for a refund on the two ($29.95 x 2) that I bought.


  5. Shame. Until now I had respect for Bell and Howell. After buying their animal repellent, I feel cheated.


  6. Thanks for the reviews, I am glad I reviewed the product before wasting my hard earned money.

  7. In order to initially fully charge the solar battery, one must cover the motion sensor lens, because the directions say that the unit must be fully charged before use. Just putting it outside to get it charged puts the unit in use, unless the sensor lens is covered. I had mine in the sun at least one week before I uncovered the sensor lens, thereby putting it in use. There probably are some bad units purchased, however, not having it fully charged before use has been the problem for some people. I suspect that the LED light will illuminate when the unit is only somewhat charged initially. When this happens, the unit will probably not ever get fully charged. The directions should clearly state how to fully charge the unit before putting it in use.

  8. I bought Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller at Walgreens…cat walked within 2 feet of the front of it and took a dump in my yard. I took it inside my house and aimed it at my cat…he looked at me and then went right back to his nap. Didn’t phase him at all. the raccoons and possums walk right by it like it’s not even there. what a waste of my money!!

  9. Ordered and installed two of these Animal Repellents. Went out after dark to be sure they were properly placed. Light on each was activated with the slightest movement. However, whatever was eating my tomatoes continued to do so. These units are totally ineffective. Wish I had read these reviews before ordering.

  10. Wow, this is the first product where I have not seen one positive review. I have ordered two of these units, but I now believe I will refuse to accept delivery.

  11. Totally ineffective with solar or regular batteries. Squirrels walk right up to unit. Save you money.

  12. I bought the Bell+Howell Animal Repeller and it appears that dogs just ignore it. I have several NEW burn spots on my lawn since the unit was installed less than 10 feet away.

  13. I order two of the repellers and let them charge in direct sunlight for 2 full days before placing in the spot I wanted to protect. The night I watched some Kittens play in and around them. I wondered if they were working. The morning I recharged them and that evening put them back in the same place and once again the kittens came and played around them. A little later that evening I watched as a mother raccoon and three little one come to the feeding bowl , nothing, not even bat of an eye. They had their dinner on the cat food and went their merry way. I was boiling. I had thought that Bell and Howell had always had excellent products. I thought maybe something was wrong with the rechargeable batteries. So I change to regular batteries and placed them out again the next night. This time the kittens did not come, but about 10:00 PM a family of skunks came to visit and if the repellers worked if must have been sweet music to their ears, because they ate the cat food and turn over the water bowl. In my opinion these repellers are crap and with the other reviews I have read the company that sells them seems to take after product they sell. I will hang these on my wall in the garage to remind me , unless I see products in action,”BUYER BEWARE”.

  14. Hi I purchased 3 Of those Ultrasonic Animal Repellers. And they didn’t come for a long time. I called the company and it seemed I was just getting a run around. Now I have LIFELOCK so I called them to see if they could help me. They called the company and we had a three way conversation After explaining that I wanted a refund. they told me if it comes just refuse it don’t open. They will give me a full refund including the shipping. THANKS TO LIFELOCK.

  15. I purchased (3) of these Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repellers…. Raccoons still dumping on my lawn and digging up flower bed to feed on grubs and worms. All repellers are well within the 30′ range. Deer don’t seem to be bothered by them either. $ 100.00 Down the drain.

  16. I bought 4 Ultrasonic Animal Repellers. I was suppose to get the upgraded ones that were solar with stakes. I got cheap ones. I would have to pay the shipping to return and get the right ones. One of the repellers didn’t even work and I had to pay for shipping it back. I had to call a couple of months later to make sure they would get the credit put back on my account which they hadn’t done. In the mean time the other repellers stop working after one month, if they even work at all. They don’t seem to affect the dogs walking by my yard, and my neighbors cats are always hanging around my yard. In my opinion these are crap and whoever wrote how wonderful they are when I first checked out the product must be a plant. Save your money! I will be out the money for at least 2 of the repellers plus the shipping of the one I returned. I hope this helps someone!

  17. ps: The squirrel sits right in front of this Animal Repeller with the garbage he drug out of somebody else’s yard.

  18. The ducks and geese walk right by the repeller and lounge in the flower bed, as well as the squirrel who sits in front of it.

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