Bell + Howell Doorman Doorbell Review

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There are times when you miss out on visitors at your door as you don’t come to know as you may be engrossed in work. And even if you do it’s not always safe to open the door as anti-social elements waiting to break into your house often lurk around, To be safe at home, get Bell Howell Doorman and install it at home right away. Bell Howell Doorman is the new portable intercom system that works just like a walkie talkie to alert you about who’s at the door.


Bell + Howell Doorman Doorbell
It’s the two-way talking doorbell that alerts you whenever someone’s at your doorstep. You don’t have to walk all the way to the door to know who’s there. You can speak through the transmitter from the safe confines of your home and ask for the person’s identity. Once you are sure that you trust the person after speaking, you can go ahead and open the door. One unit of Bell Howell Doorman is installed at the door while the other stays with you to communicate who’s come to meet you. You can hang it anywhere close to you or carry it around from room to room. It affords great convenience to you while guaranteeing your family total safety that you did not enjoy earlier.

Bell Howell Doorman is a simple, hassle-free and yet powerful battery operated transmitter as has no messy wires and requires no complex installation. It has an edge over professional intercom systems which are difficult to install and are also very expensive. Bell Howell Doorman involves no hassles whatsoever. You just need to hang it outside so that you know who enters your space before anything goes wrong.

Bell Howell Doorman is also completely portable and works anywhere in your home. You can take it along in your basement, store room or the garage and rest assured it’ll work unfailingly. What’s more, it also features extra loud door chime, so you won’t miss a visitor again no matter where you are. It even works as an alarm system, wherein on pressing the alarm button, its sharp siren starts and scares intruders away. It also comes with four magnetic instant alarms free that can be placed on any window or door and keep out burglars or attached to any cabinet to protect children from dangers within the home.



What do I get?
Bell Howell Doorman is priced right at just $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and processing and the four home alarms set comes for only $5.95 shipping & processing so make sure you get it today itself. Official website



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  1. I just wanted to know, if I purchase the item, why do I get stuck buying extra, when I only want one set?

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