Bell And Howell Solar Mole Repeller Review

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As every proud home owner you must have done everything you can to make your outdoor space look beautiful. If you have the luxury of outdoor space, it’s a waste not to make the most of it. But do you think your lawn or your garden is being ruined by moles, rodents and mice and there’s not much you can do about it? You don’t want to use regular products that are harmful not only for rodents but your surroundings as well? In that case you will find the revolutionary Solar Mole Repeller of great use.


Bell And Howell Solar Mole Repeller
Solar Mole Repeller comes from reputed makers Bell and Howell and is a smart way of scaring off rodents without actually doing any harm to them. It’s the reason why Solar Mole Repeller suits home owners who are looking for humane ways of getting rid of these pesky creatures. Solar Mole Repeller works well because emits a penetrating vibration sound that humans can barely hear. But groundhogs, mice, moles and other rodents can’t stand the sound and will leave your garden alone.

Solar Mole Repeller is safe if you have young kids or pets at home. What’s more, since it has a solar panel that is charged by Sunlight, it doesn’t consume electricity or batteries either. Solar Mole Repeller is long lasting because it’s weather resistant too. You can simply stick Solar Mole Repeller in the ground and let it work its magic in a humane way and keep your surrounding free of moles and mice.



What do I get?
You can buy one Solar Mole Repeller for $14.98 or buy two Solar Mole Repellers for $28.88 at



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5 thoughts on “Bell And Howell Solar Mole Repeller Review

  1. I have 3 bell & howell solar mole repellers. thy are placed 20 ft apart in my yard. the moles gig between them. one is in a mole hill that I steped on. the next morning the mole had dug around it. they suck.

  2. Review Solar Mole Repeller

    Does Solar Mole Repeller help you get rid of moles and mice?

    Does it work in a humane way as it claims?

    Is Solar Mole Repeller safe for use if you have kids at home?

    Do you think it is well made and long lasting?

    Is it easy to install and use?

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