Backward Brella Review

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What is Backward Brella

It claims to be an amazing umbrella that is engineered to fold dry-side-out and wet-side-in to save the hassle of dripping umbrellas or getting soaked while closing them.


Backward Brella REVIEW

Bertha Sherman in her Backward Brella review says “Backward umbrella is a disaster; it doesn’t latch when opened. And if you do manage to latch the umbrella, it gets bumped or shaken and closes strangely. Such a washout!”

“The first time I used Backward Brella, its handle came off. It doesn’t stay open and doesn’t latch even now. I have to hold it to keep it open. Well, Backward Brella’s a piece of junk.” – Jane White on Backward Brella

Michelle Travis complains in her Backward Brella review that it’s the world’s worst umbrella! You get drenched ‘coz its fabric keeps coming off its spine. Two or three ribs don’t stay connected. Backward Brella doesn’t even close or open securely. Total waste.

Gerald Spencer who reviewed Backward Brella says “Awful quality control. The first Backward Brella I used had a spoke unattached to the material and had a hole. The second would not stay open. It’s difficult to lock, just moves up and down randomly.”

Carl Shulman in his review reveals, “The first time I used Backward Brella, I got wet and water entered my car. It didn’t stay open and after much struggle when it finally opened, the Backward Brella closed and wouldn’t open again. It fully drenched and cold that day. Awful experience.”

I don’t know why my Backward Brella collapses within five minutes and doesn’t remain open. It cannot clasp anything to stay open. I used it properly, still it malfunctioned. Strange…

Backward Brella doesn’t remain open and something seems wrong at the top part. The velcro strap and the carrying case are too small. Returning it is also not feasible, so I’ll throw it away.

Poor design and pathetic quality. Doesn’t stay locked when open. Backward Brella’s a piece of trash.

Don’t know why the Backward Brella doesn’t stay open. Green and blue are ok but the purple one can’t stay open. It doesn’t latch either. Even the handle fell off when I tried to open it.

Edward Ross complains in his Backward Brella review , “I thought Backward Brella opens automatically. Sliding it to open like a regular umbrella seemed strange. I can’t use both hands for an umbrella as I carry lots of bags . Moreover, it wasn’t closing back too. I actually tried pliers and a hammer to open Backward Brella but gave up.

Tony Warner cautions in his review , “The Backward Brella’s far smaller than I expected it to be. Regretting purchasing it.”

Judy Wise who reviewed Backward Brella says “Poor finishing of material and worst design. Total waste of money. I’m so disappointed…”

Shelly Brooke complains in her review , “I had to literally use great force on the button/slide part to keep Backward Brella open. Got me worried if the structure was damaged. I’m not using Backward Brella again.”

Jill Kim says in her review of Backward Brella- “This umbrella will not close! I can open it just fine but trying to close it is impossible. It’s tough to simply get the umbrella lowered – attempts to fold it into closed position prove difficult. Even when crammed closed – which risks bending the umbrella’s arms – it won’t stay in that position. To keep it from reopening, I have to wrestle with it and refasten the sash”.

Freda Webb who bought the Backward Brella claims in her review of the Backward Brella- “Opened it twice and it worked. The third try, it broke. All three openings were in the house within 10 minutes. Surprised Totes makes such a poor quality item.

Debbie Poole mentions in her Backward Brella review that she is replacing a tote of the same model because it does not open fully- the whole mechanism is shoddy. The handle is badly scuffed and the listing does not say these were warehouse rejects, she says. They are not 42″ either and will not stay open fully. She further adds that the umbrella would not stay up and locked and also got soaked.

Ian Mendoza who tried the Backward Brella says in his review- “Not good quality at all. It doesn’t open all the way. It is poorly constructed”.

Another user, Tim Maldonado, who purchased the Backward Brella mentions in his Backward Brella review- “Do not buy the Backward Brella, especially if the weather you’re using it for has any sort of wind. When I used it for the first time, it flipped inside out and broke the second there was a hint of wind”.

April Morton says in her Backward Brella review that the frames started to break after several uses and the auto open stopped working too. She further adds that it shoots out very hard when you press the open button, to the point that it could injure someone.

Marion Becker states in her review of the Backward Brella- “If you live in an area where it’s windy a lot, get something more sturdy”.

Rosie Bryant complains in her Backward Brella review- “It did the job but is very flimsy. The handle was chipped handle when I received it”.

Vickie Brady claims in her review of the Backward Brella- “The automatic closing function is a little slow and sticks a bit but for the price point that is mostly a minor issue”.

Backward Brella Questions & Answers

Q. How many inches is the Backward Brella when closed and what is the weight of it?
A. Not sure of the inches or weight of the Backward Brella but it’s not much different than your standard totes umbrella.

Q. Does the Backward Brella come with a case or cover?
A. No, it just comes with a Velcro closure.

Q. Does the Backward Brella have the totes lifetime warranty?
A. Totes website says it has a lifetime warranty.

Q. How long is the Backward Brella?
A. When closed it is 13″.

Q. What is the diameter of the Backward Brella when open?
A. The Backward Brella is large enough for one person with a little to spare. The auto-open works very well, however closing it takes a lot more effort. You really have to pull hard to get it closed.

Q. How much does the Backward Brella weigh?
A. Not sure about the weight but it is not real heavy.

Q. Would the Backward Brella umbrella fit in a pocket or purse?
A. It would fit in a purse.

Q. Is the Backward Brella umbrella easy enough for an 8 year old to use without assistance?
A. No, it is even difficult for an adult to close.

Q. What material is the Backward Brella umbrella made of?
A. Not sure, but it doesn’t leak.

Backward Brella CLAIMS

Never get wet – Backward Brella guarantees you will never get soaked in rain while trying to close your umbrella while entering your home or car. Although there are no Backward Brella reviews available yet that will prove its claims. Backward Brella states to be engineered in a way that it folds with the dry side out and wet side in. This intelligent design of Backward Brella assures to help keep the water away from you and provide an easy way to enter without getting a drip of water on you. More shall be revealed once Backward Brella is reviewed by users.


No more dripping umbrella – Backward Brella states to resolve another issue of wet umbrella. Regular umbrellas begin draining through the tip on the floor itself and create a messy puddle of water or leaving sleet and snow behind. Backward Brella promises to catch all of it with its innovative design so that one can simply pour it down the sink. Such farfetched claims will be verified once Backward Brella is reviewed. Backward Brella states that it holds a lot of water while it’s closed and fits perfectly through tight spaces. It even claims to have a sleek, superior, stylized grip for holding it firmly without paining the hand. Did you find Backward Brella useful? Send us your review.


What do I get?
You will get Backward Brella for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H | Official website:

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